Healthy Sex Life Makes Healthy Work Life

For centuries, philosophers, doctors, psychologists, etc. have studied social relationships but the sexual relationship and its impact on life are often ignored.

Probably because sex is a private affair.

But recent studies of sexual relationship and its reflectivity on the mood reveal that a healthy sex life makes the person happier. A happier person by default becomes a productive asset for his organization.

A study indicates that people toil harder as the productivity spikes by 12% due to a healthy sexual life [1].

The survey stands true for both males and females.

It means that there’s a direct proportionality between sex life and work life.

So, let’s figure out how healthy sexual life is used for shaping the mood and impacting the work life.

Healthy sexual relationship induces happiness.

Whether we are angry, sad, or happy, however, we feel, they are somehow related to the hormonal secretion.

While performing sex, specific biochemical processes help in secreting the happy hormones.They are Serotonin and Endorphins which are also the symbols of happiness and well-being.

These hormones contribute significantly to letting us feel good and diminishing the natural pain.

As long as there’s a hormonal balance between these secreted entities, our mood remains light and work productivity increases.

You might think that increasing the level of serotonin or endorphin would raise the bar of your happiness and work efficiency.But that’s not true.

Excessive serotonin (serotonin toxicity) results in medical ailments like diarrhea and if not controlled can become fatal.

Healthy sexual relationship bridles depression.

Depression makes way for poor sex life.Poor sex life permits diseases like impotence to take over.Impotence, in turn, furthers your depression.It’s a vicious cycle. You can also call it a paradox.

When you are depressed, hormones like cortisol are an all-time high.

Cortisol hormone is also termed as “stress hormone” which negatively affects the distribution of testosterone level [2] in the body.

The best way to challenge Cortisol is by its arch-rival— the love hormone— Oxytocin.The level of Oxytocin hormone increases while having sex and its legal ramification is seen on the muted level of Cortisol.

So, a healthy sex session bridles your depression and pilots clear mind frame.The precise state of mind frame automatically amplifies the work productivity.

Healthy sexual relationship stabilizes mood swings.It’s not you but the hormones.Your frustration, anger, anxiety, mood swings, etc. are the natural consequences of hormonal imbalance.

The huge mood swings are the corollary of the dipping hormones.Certain examinations confirm that the sudden fall of hormones from the higher volume to lower volume incites the change of mood and behavior.

A healthy sexual accommodation negate the effect of the hormonal imbalance and brings stability to mind.

In a nutshell, sex controls the roller coaster mood and escalates the distinct attitude towards any activity.

The outcome of a distinct attitude and approach towards any activity can be observed through the intensified work productivity.

Healthy sexual relationship overpowers head pain.

You can’t work with a headache. At least, I can’t.It’s crystal clear that head pain like a migraine imparts massive economic burden by impeding the work productivity [3].

A group of neurological scientists has found that sexual intercourse can dampen a cluster headache and migraine pain.

When a person indulges in sexual activity during head pain, he challenges the physiological factors and tries to control it.

Control over the physiological stress on the body upgrades the concentration.And we know that alert concentration upsurges work productivity.

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