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Trt Arimidex

Trt Arimidex

How Much Arimidex Should I Take On Trt?

I’ll often talk about estrogen more than testosterone when discussing TRT as it’s the single hardest hormone to control in men. While some men start TRT and never run into issues with their estroven levels (Consider yourself lucky) others aren’t so fortunate. Symptoms of high estrogen can start as early as 2-3 months into treatment. The symptoms often negate the entire point of being on testosterone replacement therapy in the first place. To make matters worse research and studies on estrogen levels in men are limited at best. Symptoms can include:  loss of muscle mass, extreme fatigue, low libido, depression, erectile dysfunction, raised body fat and the worst Gynecomastia (Man Boobs). If you are or have experienced high estrogen symptoms while going through TRT therapy you can know doubt relate to the fact it’s a horrible experience. Let me tell you this: You’re not alone. It’s manageable and you can get through it.So how much Arimidex should you take? Unfortunately I cannot give you a straight answer, but can perhaps share some guidelines that may give you a head start. Try to read through this post in it’s entirety then visit .The more you learn about E2 levels, how you can control them and how the process works the more likely you’ll obtain better management.

First let’s talk about how Arimidex works

Note that Arimidex does not lower your estrogen directly, rather it blocks the enzyme Aromatase which helps convert testosterone into estrogen. This important because I was unaware of this when I first started taking Arimidex. I had incorrectly assumed that Arimidex helped to directly lower your E2 levels and that with this in mind, taking more meant faster results. This lead to a separate host of symptoms: low estrogen levels. (It never seems to end does it) Alas that’s for another topic. Let’s try to ensure you can avoid this.Imagine you’re driving your car on the freeway and you have a gas pump (we’ll pretend it’s a magic floating gas pump) attached to your car. The gas is your estrogen and the car is your body. As you’re driving the gas pump is constantly filling your car. Arimidex is the hand that removes the gas pump from the tank. While you’re no longer receiving gas (estrogen) from this magical pump, you still have gas (estrogen) in the tank. In fact it’s probably overflowing and you need to “burn” some off.  Thus taking a large amount of Arimidex too quickly can lead to your E2 levels dropping past the “sweet spot” and you’ll have to come off of it and start all over again.

How to recognize the signs

There’s a post floating about a number of forums by a member called “PM Gamer” that I thought I’d post here. It provides you with a second opinion and one that I see copy and pasted often:“How To Take Arimidex and not go down on your Estradiol to Low.What I found is if you go to low taking arimidex, it’s the length of time your to low, if your too low say for 8 weeks it can take your body a longer time to make more Estradiol. Bottom line is to know how not to go to low. Keep a log on your dose and how you feel men going to low can’t get it up taking viagra. I went to low when I first tried Arimidex and did not know about going to low or how one feels to low, so I was low a good 8 weeks. I did not know I was low until my next labs.

The best gage I have found to control your Estradiol levels is to gage your night time and morning wood. At good levels or what I call the sweet spot you get your night time and morning wood back so strong it will wake you up and you can hang a coat on it.

James Ray and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

For the last four years I have served in a volunteer capacity among a panel of pharmacotherapy experts queried regularly by the ABC News Medical Unit about breaking or upcoming news involving the efficacy and safety of drugs and supplements. Where appropriate, I provide background information that informs the story.

My incentive is largely to put my time where my mouth is when I say that scientists need to take a more active role in making sure medical stories are reported accurately. An additional dividend is paid to my students who then benefit from my presentation of the science behind timely medical developments.

On occasion, perhaps once or twice a year, I’ll be asked for an on-camera interview. Even when this occurs, the resulting story will contain no more than 15 seconds of the interview and some summary by the reporter of other issues we discussed. I take this responsibility very seriously and prepare as much as I can given the deadlines of the press and my daily education and research schedule.

But given airtime constraints, much of what I prepare would normally end up in the abyss of my files and come out in the classroom when I lecture about that particular topic. Blogging, however, now allows us to expand further on stories where we are consulted, giving us an opportunity to air, albeit to a smaller audience, the information we found important from our perspective.

 Authoring a blog, therefore, takes away the excuse some scientists and physicians have in not wanting to talk to the press: “There’s never enough airtime to tell the whole story the way I would tell it.”

This post was informed by one of those brief appearances, this time on ABC World News Sunday with Dan Harris. The interview was solicited last weekend following the release of information obtained during the execution of a search warrant in lodging occupied by the self-help guru, James Arthur Ray, who led an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony last October where three people ultimately died and almost two dozen were hospitalized.

The segment was not archived to the World News website but some ABC affiliates subsequently aired truncated versions of the story.

Testosterone cypionate is known as a “depot” form of testosterone that has a half-life of 5-8 days, Testosterone, the steroid hormone primarily responsible for secondary sex characteristics in men, is not active when taken orally because it is rapidly metabolized by the liver.

Therefore, if one wishes to boost testosterone, it is commonly formulated into a gel or patch that slowly releases the hormone across the skin. But it is more effectively delivered by injection, usually into muscle. When combined with a fat-soluble compound like cypionic acid, the testosterone is slowly released from the injection site.

 According to a PowerPoint presentation available at Dr. Crisler’s website his regimen employs weekly injections of 100 mg testosterone cypionate, about double the manufacturer’s recommendation for treating clinical hypogonadism.

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