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The Masturbation And Erectile Dysfunction Myth

The Masturbation And Erectile Dysfunction Myth


It’s a common belief that masturbating too much can cause erectile dysfunction (ED). ED happens when you can’t get or maintain an erection. This is a myth that’s not based on facts. Masturbation does not directly cause erectile dysfunction in men.

This idea overlooks some of the complexities of masturbation and the physical and mental causes of erectile dysfunction, many of which have nothing to with masturbation or porn.

What actually causes erectile dysfunction in men?

Erectile dysfunction can have various physical and psychological causes. In some cases, it can be caused by both.

Physical causes can include:

  • excessive alcohol or tobacco use
  • high or low blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease

Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Masturbation – touching oneself or one’s partner’s genitals for sexual pleasure – is a normal practice and usually harmless. In fact, masturbation can have benefits. Both men and women can enjoy the sexual release it provides. It can help people become more familiar with their bodies and explore the ways they prefer being touched.

Masturbation may also enable pleasure to couples who can’t perform intercourse, permanently or temporarily.

Men use various techniques of masturbation, which may interfere with their sexual function (e.g., masturbation in prone position, using very intensive strokes, pressing, folding, or touching their penis in a particular way). These masturbatory habits sometimes result in sexual dysfunction (e.g., ED, delayed ejaculation, reduced desire and sexual dissatisfaction). Therefore, it is important for physicians and therapists to take a detailed sexual history.

ED affects only elderly men

Although the majority of men affected by ED are elderly, younger men are not exclusively exempted. In Malaysia, data collected to date are for men above 40 years of age, and it showed a higher prevalence among men above 60 years of age.

However, in a study done in Brazil, the prevalence rate was 35 per cent in men 18-40 years of age.

So if you are young and have ED, do not fret. You are not alone.

If you are above 40 years, up to 50 per cent of men in Malaysia share your problem. In fact, in a recent local study, the prevalence of ED in those above 40 years of age was 69.5 per cent.

What are the main treatments?

Oral drugs. These are by the far the most commonly used treatments. There are now a number of oral treatments available and most work by helping to relax the blood vessels in the penis, allowing blood to flow in. They don't work unless you're also sexually stimulated. The most common side-effects are headaches and facial flushing. These oral treatments must not be taken by men who are also using medicines containing nitrates (commonly prescribed for angina). There are a number of oral treatments available including Cialis, Levitra, Uprima and Viagra. There are pros and cons with each and it is important to discuss these with your doctor. More details can be found on this site.

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