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Thalidomide Call The Midwife

Thalidomide Call The Midwife

Call The Midwife 'Thalidomide' baby takes first steps after losing limbs to meningitis

This is the heart-warming moment the three-year-old star of Call The Midwife who lost her limbs to meningitis took her first steps.

Determined Harmonie-Rose Allen, who played a Thalidomide-effected baby in the BBC drama, was struck down with a deadly strain of meningococcal septicaemia aged ten months.

She was rushed to hospital where doctors told parents Freya Hall, 22, and Ross Allen, 24, she had just a ten per cent chance of survival.

Miraculously, brave Harmonie-Rose defied the odds and beat the killer bug – but lost her arms, legs and the tip of her nose in the process.

We have a responsibility to tell their story accurately not least because younger viewers don’t fully understand the scale of the tragedy.”

Helen George, 31, who plays nurse Trixie Franklin, accused the Government of “burying” the thalidomide cause.

She added: “The idea is this is brought back into the public eye and it can be finished and they can get justice.”

Through the night, Dr. Turner monitors the baby and soon realizes she "wants to live". He feeds the baby formula and soothes her by reading aloud from The Lancet.

When Rhoda insists on seeing her baby, still not knowing what she looks like, Shelagh sits with her, offers her a cigarette, and explains that the baby "didn't develop as she should". Rhoda thinks she means that the baby is a dwarf, but Shelagh explains that her baby was born without limbs. As Shelagh explained this to Rhoda, an excited Mr. Mullucks sneaks through the maternity home to sneak a peek at his newborn baby. Upon unwrapping her from her blanket, he is horrified to find his baby deformed. Storming from the room, he encounters Dr. Turner and angrily shouts "How could you let that thing live?!" When he returns to Rhoda just in time to hear her demand to see her baby, he says there is nothing to discuss and that the baby is not allowed in their house.

Despite her fear and heartbreak, Rhoda still wants to see her baby. Alone in the room with her, Rhoda unwraps the baby from her blankets and promises the baby that she won't give up on her, because she's hers. Rhoda kisses her baby and names her Susan.

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