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Tadalafil Over The Counter

Tadalafil Over The Counter

What is Cialis over the counter?

The Cialis available over the counter is merely a generic form of Cialis, also known as Tadalafil. It is offered in the same dosages as Cialis and comes with the same risk of side effects. It should be taken either once daily or thirty minutes before commencing sexual activity, making it every bit as great and unique as its name brand form. OTC Cialis, can last up to thirty-six hours and takes effect within twenty to thirty minutes.

This medication is incredibly cheap, easy to find and obtain, and its 100% safe. OTC Cialis is available without prescription or doctor visit. If you have a heart condition, take nitrate medication, or have been told you’re not healthy enough to participate in sexual activity, you should consult with your doctor before ingesting this medication. If you haven’t tried OTC Cialis before, you might want to consult with your regular physician before you make the switch to this particular erectile dysfunction medication, just to ensure you are, in fact, a good candidate for the drug

Is it safe to buy Cialis over the counter?

It’s completely understandable for you to be concerned about getting a medication over the counter when it so recently required a prescription from your doctor to obtain it. Rest assured, there’s nothing about which to be concerned with this medication. This medication can cause the same side effects, offer the same beneficial treatments, and has the same efficacy time as the Cialis you’d get from your doctor.

Just like with brand Cialis, you can take this medication either once daily or thirty minutes prior to sexual activity. You can experience its effects up to thirty-six hours after taking it, making it (and its brand equivalent) a unique erectile dysfunction treatment. OTC Cialis is one of the safest, most reliable, and most effective erectile dysfunction treatments available on the market. Not only is it safe, but it’s incredibly easy to figure out how to buy Cialis over the counter. It’s available in USA, in UK, and in Canada without prescription and for a lower price.

What are the side effects of taking over the counter Cialis

As we’ve said, OTC Cialis is the same medication as the name brand Cialis, so you run the same risk of side effects when you take it. If you experience any of these side effects to a severe or unbearable degree, you should stop taking the medication and seek emergency medical attention from your local hospital’s emergency, the local urgent care, or your regular physician, depending on the severity of your side effects.

 It’s common to experience the following side effects: acid reflux, stomach discomfort, headache, muscle pain, or back pain.

If you experience any of these rarer side effects, you should seek medical attention: vision changes, loss of vision or hearing, diarrhea, a painful erection, or an erection that wasn’t provoked by sexual activity. If you experience an erection lasting four or more hours, you should seek attention from your local hospital’s emergency room as this condition is serious and could lead to permanent erectile dysfunction;

it’s easily treatable, but must be treated. If you eat a large meal that is high in fats, it can cause the medication to be slower to take effect; this is especially important to note as you shouldn’t take more than one dosage of Cialis a day. If you don’t see results, do not take another. If you take this medication with alcohol, it can increase your risk of side effects.