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Sildenafil Opinie

Sildenafil Opinie

Sildenafil - erectile dysfunction

The major drugs used for erectile disfunction ( erectile dysfunction ) include inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type five (PDE-5). The most famous drug of this type is Viagra . It was first introduced in 1998 to the American market and has been available almost all over the world since then. However, it should be remembered that preparations with the same mechanism of action are much more.


Once it's true that our partner has erection problems, it will come to light, let's first try to make him aware that you need to find the cause and not just treat the symptoms. In this situation, most men do everything to liquidate their inappropriateness as quickly as possible, according to the saying: "The worst of humiliation when the root is fired" (also Sztaudynger), and not play in finding the reasons for this state of affairs.

So if it happens that by segregating laundry, we will find a pack of Viagra or some other equivalent in our trousers' pocket, do not make a "tragedy in one act", but talk to your partner about the reason for the medication itself. Let's make a concrete, casual conversation, but let's avoid the suggestion that the partner's problems were caused by his own fault. In this way, we will not let him feel guilty or irritate, but we will show willingness to help.

Sometimes there are opinions that after taking Viagra, the world can be seen in blue

But it's a myth! If this happens, it can only occur after an overdose. Sildenafil does not work immediately. It is usually recommended to take it one hour before. If you have eaten a hearty meal, then this time should be extended. But then it actually works! It is not recommended to drink alcohol because it weakens the effect of the drug. There are versions of sildenafil-based products called soft. This type of pill is usually used sublingually and 15-20 minutes before intercourse. Manufacturers also ensure that alcohol is not a problem in their case.

Sildenafil - action

The basis of an erection in a man is the inflow of blood to the corpus cavernosum . In order for the blood to flow freely and stiffen the member, it is necessary to relax the walls of vessels that supply blood to the corpus cavernosum. The vessels are diastolic due to the action of nitric oxide (NO).

It stimulates cGMP, which directly relaxes arterial vessels. However, the duration of action of cGMP is determined - the phosphodiesterase enzyme breaks down cGMP. The mechanism of action of Siledenafil is to block PD, thus a larger pool of cGMP, which prolongs the erection, remains.


Always use the medicine exactly as your doctor has told you. If in doubt, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

The recommended starting dose is 50 mg.

Inventum should not be used more than once a day.

Inventum should be accepted about an hour before planned sexual activity. The tablet should be broken up and chewed to dissolve.

If you have the impression that the effect of Inventum is too strong or too weak, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Depending on the efficacy and side effects, the dose may be increased to a maximum of 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg.

Inventum allows you to achieve an erection only on the condition of sexual arousal. The time after which the effect of Inventum appears is different in different patients, usually from half an hour to one hour. The effect may be later if the drug is taken after a heavy meal.

Contact your doctor if you do not get an erection after taking Inventum or if the duration of the erection is not enough to have sexual intercourse.