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Sildenafil 50Mg Review

Sildenafil 50Mg Review

Who should take sildenafil?

Men experiencing erectile dysfunction should speak to their doctor to determine the cause. It can be the side effect of certain medications, or caused by neurological disorders or psychological factors, but can also be caused by diabetes, being overweight, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Furthermore, as one ages, many medical conditions that cause ED become more commonplace.

The first step is to determine and treat the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, and sildenafil can then be taken on its own or as part of a broader treatment plan. Men who are not taking nitrate-based medication, do not have high or low blood pressure, retinitis pigmentosa, or recent myocardial infarction, or angina, are considered acceptable candidates for taking sildenafil.

What is in sildenafil?

Generic sildenafil contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate. It is a PDE5 inhibitor that works by facilitating blood flow to the penis, and is sold under generic manufacturer names, such as Mylan sildenafil, Actavis sildenafil, and Torrent sildenafil (as well as Pfizer’s brand name Viagra). The molecule produced by different brands is exactly the same from one to another, therefore sildenafil is always metabolised in the same way. It is considered a low toxicity drug and is generally well tolerated by most men.

How long does Viagra take to work?

The effects of Viagra will vary from person to person. As a general rule, Viagra is thought to start working in most people from around 30 minutes after taking the drug.

It is important to understand that taking Viagra tablets alone will not cause an erection. Viagra must be taken in combination with some form of sexual stimulation (visual, tactile or otherwise) in order for an erection to occur.

Sildenafil reviews by patients

Patients who use sildenafil continually report positive results, and many state that it has helped them get their sex life back. Some sildenafil reviewers even report that the pill continues to have an effect the next morning!

Negative side effects of sildenafil are also reported, however, and these should be discussed with a doctor before continuing use. There are also required circumstances and guidelines for patients to take sildenafil correctly, and failure to adhere to them could be the cause of some negative reviews. Here we offer a number of things you can do if your erectile dysfunction treatment is not working.

 A good example of a balanced review of Viagra (sildenafil) for erectile dysfunction is this one from

I started having trouble getting and maintaining an election so asked my doctor about the problem. He prescribed Viagra and it works great. One hour after taking 50mg I get a beautiful erection, sensitivity is good, climax is wonderful. My wife loves it and climaxes every time, sometimes twice. Side effects can be a flushed skin about an hour in and sometimes a bit of a headache (not severe, but there). Two Aspirin fix things. Wonderful product. Happy wife, happy life!

Reviews of sildenafil, though useful, are subjective. Just as it is important to receive a legitimate prescription, results should also be monitored by the prescribing doctor. As with any medicine, outcomes vary among patients and each person’s unique circumstances will determine how effective the results are.

Can I increase the dosage if it doesn’t work?

If you find that the dosage you are on is too weak, ask your prescribing doctor whether you can increase it. If you do not have any medical conditions and aren’t taking any other medications, it is likely that you can increase your dosage from 50mg to 100mg. However, you should ask your doctor first. If you believe that the dosage you are on is too strong you can reduce it to see whether a lower dose is sufficient for you.