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Pregnancy Detection Strip

Pregnancy Detection Strip

How to Use Pregnancy Test Strips?

Pregnancy test is a quick test method that is also known as One Step HCG Urine Test which you can manually without any difficulty. Pregnancy test strips checks the presence of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which comes in urine very early for the duration of pregnancy. There are some steps for using test strips which is very useful for the women.

Using the Pregnancy Test Strips

  • Pregnancy test strip must be preferably used in the morning for more accurate results. This is because first morning sample has highest concentration of hCG level.
  • Urinate into a clean cup.
  • Dip the test strip into urine sample and ensure that you hold them vertically.
  • Wait for few seconds until you notice red dye moving towards the result window.
  • Within 5 minutes you can read the result.

Reading the PregnancyTest Results

While you are waiting to read your pregnancy test results you will notice a coloured solution moving across the test area towards result area. This migration is normal and indicates that test is progressing correctly. Wait for few minutes (according to time mentioned in the manual).If only one line appears in the ‘control zone’, test is negative and you are not pregnant

If one line appears in the ‘control zone’ and the other in the result area then the test is positive and you are pregnant.However, there may be chance that you get no band in the result area of strip. This may be due to your inability of following instructions or insufficient amount of urine specimen.

When checking for pregnancy with the help of a pregnancy test kit, it is important for you to follow the instructions as mentioned on the label.

How to use pregnancy test strip at home These days, there are so many different pregnancy tests out there that it might be hard to figure out how each of them works. Therefore, we have decided to share some tips on using pregnancy test strips. Learn how to use pregnancy test strip at home, so that you can find out whether you are pregnant in the comfort of your own house.