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Marley Generics Sildenafil

Marley Generics Sildenafil


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Marley Generics

This  is a microsite designed for marketing the Marley Drug generic program. They market their low cost generic drugs to 35 states using radio ads. This website was designed to convert interested radio listeners into actionable leads from both their web form and via phone calls.

This microsite was created because the Marley Drug website is a traditional home town pharmacy that serves their local community. Marley Generics was designed to serve a very different target market.

Right dosage is the clue

One should calculate the dosage properly to get the utmost benefit from Cialis. This is one of the main concerns for those who buy Cialis online without prescription. Patient usually begins his treatment with 10 mg Cialis pills. This is the optimal dose that suits the majority of men. Person can increase the dose and acquire 20mg pills or, on the contrary, decrease it to 5 mg pills. Do not split the pills. Patients should take whole tablets to make sure that there is no mistake.

Marley Drug

We told you about the $3 blue pill. Now we’re going to tell you about an even cheaper Viagra knockoff that sells for — wait for it — $2 a pill*.

“Are you taking Viagra or Cialis for ED?” North Carolina-based Marley Drug asks with the subtleness of a skyscraper in a recent radio ad. “Now you can get sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, in generic 20 milligrams, for $2 per tablet.”