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lupron and casodex

lupron and casodex

Choice of treatment: lupron with casodex or degarelix?

Choline PET scan shows PC in one spot of the prostate bed. PSA at 2.47. I am about to begin a course of hormone therapy for 2-3 months prior to 8 weeks of radiation to the prostate bed and continued hormone therapy. The recommended agents for the hormone therapy by the three oncology radiologists and medical oncologist I have spoken with is Lupron and Casodex. I am very concerned about the chest enlargement that is a possible/probable side effect of the lupron. (The radiologist who will treat me does not want to radiate my chest to prevent enlargement because he does not want to give me extra radiation given the amount of radiation I will already receive.) My medical oncologist suggested degarelix as a substitute. Is there any downside to taking degarelex rather than the more usual lupin and cased? I was wondering what experiences men have had with degarelix, lupron and casodex? Has anyone taken all three agents?

Lupron injection and Casodex

I have been on Lupron injection and Casodex for 3 months. My initial PSA was 9.7, my stage is t3aN0M0, I am awaiting Proton treatment at Tsukuba in Japan. My first blood test after 3 months on these meds showed PSA .09 ; slightly elevated liver (forget which one exactly, but a 50 when top normal range is 45); cholesterol 255 LDL, higher than last t test several years a go. Bone density, in normal range but low in spine area.

What does the low PSA # tell you? Does this mean the chance of metastasize is low? Any other comments on the ther numbers? I just turned 55, 200 lbs jog regularly albeit very slow. Am having hot flashes, some extra fatigue and redness in my eyes. I have been on an SSRI (remeron) for headaches for 10 yrs. 15 mg usually before bed, original prescription was for 60 mg. but I never take that much occasionally 30 mg.

I aim for a PSA of less than 0.01 ng/ml. If a patient’s PSA stops falling above that goal, I interpret that as indicating the presence of a portion of cancer cells resistant to treatment. In that case, we would intensify treatment. We may increase Casodex or switch to low dose ketoconazole. You mention a minor elevation of liver enzymes. Pure antiandrogens, like Eulexin or Casodex, can cause liver injury. Several years ago, two papers were published indicating that ursodiol would lower the risk of liver injury. This led us to add ursodiol 300 mg twice a day to Casodex in most patients. Since we made that change, liver damage from Casodex has become rare.

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Lobata equivalent to 100 mg preio for 3 months suggested it could promote some favourable ef- fects on cognitive function casodex 50 ml.

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