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How To Stop Erectile Dysfunction

How To Stop Erectile Dysfunction

What Is Impotence?

Impotence is a condition that consistently affects a person’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection, or ability to achieve ejaculation. It’s a form of erectile dysfunction (ED).

There can be several contributing factors for impotence. These include both emotional and physical disorders. According to The Merck Manual, an estimated 50 percent of men ages 40 to 70 experience some ED at one time or another. The risk of impotence increases with age.

It’s also been noted that men with more education are less likely to experience impotence, probably because they have healthier lifestyles on average.

Impotence often has a negative affect on sex life, and can cause additional stress, depression, and low self-esteem.

Understanding the most common potential causes can help a person identify why they may be experiencing the condition.

Relationship Issues and Erectile Dysfunction

While you are working out the causes of your problem or being treated, it's fundamental that you focus on your relationship.

Couples who have difficulties communicating on both sexual and heart matters are more likely to develop issues related to intimacy and sex. Talking about your feelings and anxieties, although this may sound difficult, is crucial: your partner needs to understand how you feel and what you need.

Just remember, if you are having problems with your impotence, your partner will be affected by this too. There is nothing to lose by talking about it, so it's often beneficial to be pro-active by raising the issue and then working through it together. You may well find yourself addressing broader issues in your life, which can also improve your mood and relationship.


Impotence has a large number of causes, but there are still measures you can take to help prevent it.

Methods of possible prevention include:

  • taking part in physical exercise, which decreases the risk of impotence
  • avoiding smoking, drugs, or alcohol abuse
  • getting enough sleep
  • following a healthy diet
  • reducing stress, anxiety, and depression

Treatments To Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

There are many erectile dysfunction treatments available. Most doctors order tests to check for major health issues and/or immediately prescribe drugs. Most sex therapists tend to regurgitate the diet and exercise myth – or focus on all the issues surrounding sex. This leaves you wondering if your problem is ever going to be solved.

For example, many sex therapists will recommend you focus more attention on your partner. This is the last thing you should do! This can actually make you lose your erection because it confuses your brain. As does constantly worrying about the state of your erection. This leads to no erection, a weak erection or losing your erection during foreplay, penetration or intercourse.

Being able to control the sexual and emotional programs in your BRAIN is paramount. This enables you to overcome sexual anxiety as well as your erectile dysfunction problem.

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

You need to understand how your brain is influencing your erection hardness and ability to control ejaculation. When you’re experiencing a sexual “malfunction” it’s because the sexual programs in your brain are random and confused. This is usually due to not receiving a sex education relevant to engaging in the sexual act. With no structure or procedure to perform good sex, random or anxious thoughts lead to either the failure to get an erection, or the loss of erection hardness during sex, or ejaculating without warning.

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