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Hcg Protocol

Hcg Protocol

General Protocol

Dr. Simeons' original manuscript, entitled "Pounds and Inches," describes the HCG diet protocol in detail. There are two important components of the protocol. First, the diet calls for a total of 500 calories over just two solid food meals for lunch and dinner. Second, the daily protocol calls for one 125 iu injection of HCG. Dieters are allowed to stay on this protocol for no longer than 40 days. Water, tea and coffee are allowed in unlimited quantities on this diet.

Malnutrition and Side Effects

At only 500 calories, the HCG diet protocol is considered a very low calorie diet. This is protocol is not without side effects. According to the University of Idaho in Coeur d' Alene, 500 calories is not even a sufficient amount of calories to support normal cognitive brain function or physical movement. Eating such a restricted diet will lower your thyroid function as your body is put into "survival" mode. Mayo Clinic also reports that headaches, fatigue, mood swings, gallstones, male breast enlargement and irritability are common side effects of the HCG diet.

What is HCG?

HCG -- human chorionic gonadotropin – is a hormone that normally produced in large quantities in a pregnant woman's body. (Home pregnancy tests are actually testing for HCG in the urine.) In a pregnant woman, one of the functions of HCG is to mobilize the burning of fat, to ensure that energy is provided to the developing fetus and protect the pregnancy, even if the mother is facing a situation of starvation, or is only able to get limited calories. As a medication, HCG is used at high doses as a fertility treatment.

How Do I Follow the Protocol?

The diet itself is fairly simple, even more so because it very carefully goes through the foods you may and may not eat throughout. Since the diet is so simple though, the food list is quite short, but for good reason. You have to take a small dosage of HCG each day, and throughout the day you may only eat 500 calories. You cannot eat sugars, oils, or butter, and you can only get your starch through just a few pieces of melba toast or grissini.

And if following this strict diet plan would seem to stop working, there are ways to boost it again, about which you can learn here.

While this plan may seem extreme, this diet is not meant to be done each day for the rest of your life. The diet is only done for anywhere between 23 to 40 days, depending on how much weight you need to lose, and is meant to make you change your mindset about food as well. Once the diet is over, you’ll definitely think twice before reaching for that sugary snack, which, coupled with weight loss, is the overall goal.

HCG Diet Protocol

Body reshaping and fat burning in a natural way.

Quick, effective and harmless means to have the fat burnt and the body fine-tuned.

You will not experience any form of hunger neither do you require extensive exercise but will lose

as much as 2 pounds on a daily basis.


  • Loss 2 pounds daily
  • No exercise needed
  • No fight against hunger
  • Long lasting effect
  • Have your metabolism reset

Have your body remolded and reshaped as you desire.

This commitment that you are making will be remembered with so much joy in the future.