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Hcg Phase 3

Hcg Phase 3

What is Phase 3 of the HCG Diet?

Phase 3, the Stabilization Phase of the Hcg Diet, occurs when HCG Dieters complete the VLCD (very low calorie diet) on Phase 2 (weight loss P2), and are no longer taking HCG.  During this period you will be adding new foods to the menu.  All foods are now permitted  with the exception of added sugars and starches. (All fruit is allowed.)   Eat whenever you are hungry, but stop when you are satisfied, not full or stuffed.

How long is Phase 3 of the Hcg Diet?

Phase 3 lasts approximately 3 weeks.  Some that find they have to do frequent steak days may choose to continue Phase 3 eating longer than 3 weeks until they feel stable, but this is a personal choice and is not required.

Before you start P3

Read all of the p3 information in Linda Prinster’s HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide and get your questions answered. The internet is a great resource! HCG Chica’s website is extremely helpful.

Be sure to prepare yourself fully.

Start a spreadsheet that you will use for P3 only.

Track your weight everyday. Use your LIW weight, and keep track of if you are AT your LIW weight,  if you are a half pound up or down, or 1 pound up or down etc.

Make a list of ALL the P3 foods that you would likely eat and create columns. Column 1 should include allowed foods that will likely eat, Column 2, cautionary foods, and Column 3, should list the foods to avoid.

Be sure to have some version of all of the above available on your phone so you can use it when eating out and about, and at others homes, etc.

I highly recommend the iPhone program called ‘lose it’ but there are lots of programs out there for tracking what food you eat as well as for counting your calories.

HCG Maintenance Sample Menus (1st 3 Weeks): Day #4

Breakfast: Almond Flour Pancake Recipe (Find this HCG P3 Recipe in the Over 201 Worry-Free HCG Maintenance Recipes cookbook.)

Snack: 2 clementines

Lunch: Black & Bleu Salad – Mix dark green lettuce, grilled steak, blue cheese, and avocados. (All salad dressings in his part of HCG Phase 3 should have 3 or less carbs, 2 or less sugars, and 12 or less fats.)

Snack: Sugar-free Jello with your favorite fruit inside

Dinner: Baked chicken breast, steamed green beans, side salad with dressing. (All salad dressings in this part of HCG Phase 3 should have 3 or less carbs, 2 or less sugars, and 12 or less fats)

Snack: Unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon and stevia

What You Should Do on Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

HCG Phase 3 will help train your body to start boosting its own metabolism without the help of HCG, which is why you will need to stop your HCG intake and flush HCG out of your system before proceeding. It usually takes about 3 days to make sure that all HCG has been removed from your body, and of course, during this time you’ll need to maintain the diet that you’ve been following since Phase 2.

Once those three days are over, however, it will then be time to start the HCG diet plan Phase 3. HCG Diet Phase 3 should last around three weeks, and during this time your body will start training itself to keep the boosted metabolism without the help of the HCG intake. On top of that, your body will now have more energy to burn with the increased calorie intake. Adding in exercise to your daily routine should also help with maintaining the increased metabolism.

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