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Hcg Injections Australia

hcg injections australia

Who is a suitable candidate for hCG diet?

The majority of men and women are potentially suitable candidates.It can be utilised to loose large amounts or small amounts of fat on the body.

Medical Skin Clinic Australia recommend you book a consultation with a doctor at the clinic to address you concerns, medical history and goals to ensure the program is right for you.

How Much Weight can be lost?

As a guide, if you need to loose 7Kg or less a 3 week program will surfice.If you wish to loose greater than 7Kg, a 6 week program is recommended.

You can expect to loose 400g a day if the program is followed. This however is only a guide and weight loss will vary for each individual. In general men loose more weight than women, but women will notice more of a change in body measurements.

Is hCG safe for men?

The hCG hormone is naturally present in men and in fact men usually have faster results and tend to loose more weight on the diet.

hCG is used for:

  • Targeting storage fat areas
  • Eliminating food cravings
  • Re-establishing weight set point
  • Ensuring patients are comfortable (it minimises the discomfort of hunger, irritability and other negative impacts otherwise experienced on a very low calorie diet)

How does the hCG diet work?

  • The hCG weight loss programme was developed by world’s leading doctors in the field of weight loss. The diet specifies daily injections of hCG hormone, accompanied with a 500 calorie restricted diet.
  • Patients looking to lose up to 7kg should opt for the 3 week programme, and those looking to shed up to 14kg should embark on the 6-week programme.
  • Patients of Dr Rastogi’s are first asked to take a blood test where liver function, thyroid and other markers are tested. The results arrive at our clinic and we then contact you to advise whether you’re a candidate for the diet. Following this, a $500 deposit is paid and the programme is ordered via prescription and delivered a few days there on for patient collection.
  • Throughout your 3 or 6 week programme, Dr Rastogi’s clinic will contact you every day to check on your progress, and take down key metrics such as your weight, body measurements and comments on how you are feeling. We provide comprehensive advice, and tips to ensure you’re well informed to get the best possible outcome from the programme.

What results can be expected with hCG?

In the first few days most patients experience rapid weight loss, then, over time, the weight loss rate generally decelerates, but patients still see a noticeable decline in weight when on the scales. Patients who carry out the diet as prescribed should normally expect to lose up to 7kg (across three weeks) or up to 14kg (across six weeks).