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Hcg Injection Kits Online

hcg injection kits online


We all know how hard it is to diet – and sometimes we even add some light exercise but it simply is not enough! – Food nowadays is simply loaded with calories and everything in our society makes it so easy and convenient to abuse delicious little treat (among many things ) seemingly available everywhere you look.While in fact you are not pregnant ( or even a male as it will do the same reaction in a male body )Now all this calories in your blood ends up being “wasted” naturally by the usual means ( mostly by urine )All the while your metabolic rates will go up ( so any actions such as sitting down / walking around the house will burn 3x or 4x the amount of calories you normally spend for the same actions )

Before Starting with your HCG Injections Kit

You may have heard of cleansing as a way to clear the body of toxins and unhealthy buildups that impede weight loss. However, you may also have heard negative talk on the subject. There has been much debate about what helpful effects cleanses, fasts, and detoxes really have on the dieter’s body. It has been demonstrated though, that starting off on the right foot is an important step for any dieter’s success. By going on a gentle cleanse, whether with juices or simply eating only whole, unprocessed foods and no sugars, you can set yourself up to begin on the right page. Before starting your HCG injections kit, consider going on a cleanse, but know that it is not required.

Choice #1: Go to a weight loss clinic.

The HCG diet has exploded since the advent of the internet. It is not difficult at all to find a weight loss center that is willing to evaluate you.hcg injections kit riverfront medical,Save $100 buying HGC online from Riverfront Medical!! Click Image Now.The Pro to this method is obviously that you are supervised during the program.The downside is that it can cost well over $1000 per month to do it this way. In fact, you are basically paying to weigh in weekly and a general consultation.

Choice #2: Buy HCG Injections online.

The upside here is that you can find your HCG kits much cheaper! The cost can be as low as 1/2 to 1/3 the price of going to a clinic. You still get a general consult online and you usually get customer support 5 days a week.The downside is you will have to wait a few days to get the product. You then will have to mix the HCG with solution and do the injections yourself. On the other hand, you will have to inject yourself anyway even if you choose a clinic. The injections are daily so unless you are going to drive everyday you will have to do it yourself.


200iu per day is the recommended dosage , if you missed a day skip it – do not double dose ( or better yet try not to skip a day )

How to store it

 the unmixed freeze dry vacuum sealed bottle of hCG you will get can be kept at room temperature away from sunlight for as long as it says on it ( see its expiration date ) however once reconstructed ( mixed with the bacteriostatic water ) it is only good for up to SIXTY days – and needs to be keep refrigerated at all times

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