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Hcg Diet Recipes

Hcg Diet Recipes

HCG Diet Meal Plan

We at HCG Platinum believe that eating healthy can be both effective and delicious. That is why we have provided over 100 HCG diet recipes for those who are looking to add some taste and variety to their HCG diet, or our recommended healthy foods list. Because of the nature of our recommended healthy foods list, many HCG recipes may help in meal planning. An HCG food list, along with our recommended healthy foods list can be a useful tool to take to the grocery store, guiding individuals towards the types of healthy foods that the body needs. HCG Platinum is determined to make eating healthy as easy as possible by including these HCG diet recipes, HCG diet meal plans, and HCG diet food lists, all of which are recommendations but not requirements for healthy weight loss.

Each recipe included is unique and healthy. HCG Platinum has tested each recipe for taste and made changes when necessary to make the recipes more functional. Individuals using HCG Platinum products can also feel confident that their recipes will provide them with the nutrition they need. Our HCG diet menus can be planned weeks ahead of time, making your grocery shopping, time management and meal planning simple and straightforward. Having an HCG diet menu not only helps you with recommended healthy foods, but it also helps you to look forward to the meals you will be eating that day which helps to prevent cravings.

HCG Diet

If you have had trouble losing weight in the past, the HCG diet at Atlanta Wellness and Aesthetics may be just for you!  Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body.  HCG stimulates your body to release and break down its own fat stores.  Because your body is using stored fat for energy while on the HCG diet,

HCG Phase 2 Recipes: Delicious & Easy Meals

You officially start phase 2 of your hCG diet on either the second or third day depending on which protocol you are following. During this time period, you cut your calorie intake down to 500 calories per day and follow a strict and structured meal plan. Learning various hCG phase 2 recipes is critical in helping you maintain the diet and lose weight. It will make you feel satisfied after every meal and stave off your hunger for longer periods throughout the day.

What Is the HCG Diet, and How Does the Fad Diet Work?

The diet requires that you eat only 500 calories a day, supposedly as part of an effort to help reset your metabolism and change your abnormal eating patterns, as the FDA explains in its warning against the diet. (1) The HCG diet also requires you to take a daily dose of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Available in injections, pellets, sprays, oral drops, and pills, HCG is the hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy.


In 1954, British physician A.T.W. Simeons theorized that HCG allows mothers-to-be to access fat reserves to feed their fetuses. He published a book, Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, in which he suggested that HCG could help people access their fat reserves and achieve weight loss.

Hcg Diet Food and Recipe Articles

These articles cover the essentials that every Hcg dieter should know. The ACCURATE list of approved foods for all protocols and phases, as well as delicious recipes and an overview of the original protocol with highlighted eating tips.

  • HCG Diet Food List – Expanded with guidelines
  • HCG Diet Recipes – Phases 2 and 3, plus cooking guidelines
  • HCG Diet Protocol – Includes an overview of food and eating Guidelines