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Hcg Complex

Hcg Complex

What Is HCG ?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropic (HCG) are genuine hormonal health supplements that perform a necessary role in lose weight more and more people became enthusiastic about its use. Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is currently a proven answer which will cause quick weight loss with HCG complex diet drops from BioSource Labs . You just have to take it sublingually and also follow an extremely low-calorie diet to get rid of as much as a pound on a daily basis.

What Is HCG Complex?

At this time we are discussing HCG Complex today generally known as Complex Diet drops, considered one of the best and effective HCG Manufacturers on the market. HCG Complex is formulated in FDA-registered and GMP-certified laboratories in the USA.

It really is made out of all-natural high-grade ingredients which assists in decreasing fat in the body in a healthy method.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone ) complex is a drops for weight loss and this health supplement made by the US- based nutraceutical manufacturers , BioSource labs LLC . HCG complex is an extremely widely used weight loss diet supplement together with certainly the beneficial to weight loss based on the a lot of testimonials found from the internet . A large number have utilized the product and have knowledgeable great success in their losing weight search . The HCG drops Complex diet regime consists of following the unique hCG calorie diet regime . Learning how HCG complex works is extremely important for individuals who would like to shed weight using HCG complex drops .

Ingredients Of HCG Complex

HCG Complex blends prime quality HCG hormones , amino acids and also known slimming ingredients for safe and useful results . In addition , this drops characteristics a careful diet plan that gives similar qualities of the original HCG Diet regime .

It consists of an approved formulation includes HCG , vitamin B12 , Panax quinquefolium , fucus vesiculosus , L-Arginine , L-Ornithine , L-Lysine and L-Glutamic acid . Its inactive ingredient is colloidal mineral water and together with magnesium phosphate cell salts ( balance PH ) in addition to Nat phosphate salts ( balance PH ) .

The ingredients listed above are extremely beneficial to boost one’s metabolism. Furthermore, HCG Complex doesn’t have any unhealthy ingredient which will put the consumer’s health in danger. And so, it is 100% safe and hassle-free to take.

What is HCG Complex? How Does it Work?

HCG Complex is a liquid supplement taken as drops under the tongue. The drops are a blend of meticulously selected ingredients that work together to stimulate the body’s natural hormone production. The hormones help the body burn more fat. HCG Complex is taken in combination with following a very strict diet. These two aspects of the diet plan combine to result in extraordinarily quick and long-lasting weight loss.

But, how does it work? The idea behind HCG Complex comes from Dr. Simeon’s original HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet plan. Using injections of the HCG hormone, which is naturally found in pregnant women, Dr. Simeon’s discovered that men under treatment for obesity began to lose weight, especially around the midsection. After further experimentation with the hormone and strict diet plans, Dr. Simeon’s developed his protocol. Since the diet’s creation in the 1950s, the diet has met overwhelming praise, and criticism.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Using HCG Complex

Just like with any product, there are advantages and disadvantages to using HCG Complex. Before you get carried away and jump in feet first, learn about the pros and cons of this product and the diet plan it promotes:


HCG Complex is taken orally and is easy to take. There are no special preparations and you don’t need to inject yourself as is necessary with the original HCG diet.

There’s an easy to follow a diet that helps you keep on track to lose weight.

Ingredients include amino acids and natural extracts.

Testimonials point toward the possibility for great results.


There are no independent studies available proving the safety or effectiveness of HCG Complex.

A very low-calorie diet is used, which could be detrimental to your health and cause dizziness and weakness. Experts at the Center for Disease Control recommend that you make lifestyle changes and try to lose 1-2 pounds a week at most. This type of weight loss is safer, healthier and is more likely to be sustainable. To lose weight this way, you may want to consider options like the 1700-calorie diet that promotes slow, steady weight loss.