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Hcg 2.0

Hcg 2.0

HCG 2.0 – A Contemporary Revision of the Traditional HCG Diet

Medicine is called a practice for a reason. As new technology and research becomes available, treatment protocols evolve, hopefully for the better. Shouldn’t the HCG diet be the same? First published in 1954, the traditional HCG diet, as seen on many of your favorite daytime TV shows, including Dr. Oz, has helped millions achieve weight loss success. However, the strict tone and rigid calorie restrictions have been very polarizing. While the concepts and theory that inspired the traditional diet are still very relevant, the protocol itself is still stuck in the 50s and in dire need of revision.

Introducing HCG 2.0, authored and developed by Dr. Zach LaBoube, founder of InsideOut Wellness and Weight Loss, HCG 2.0 utilizes current research into a variety of topics such as low-carb, Ketosis dieting, the high-protein diets of Inuit Cultures and innovative new food statistics such as Estimated Glycemic Load, Fullness Factor and Caloric Ratios to add smart calories to the diet, thus making it a safer, more realistic weight loss option for the working adult.

What is hCG 2.0?

Dr. Zach LaBoube, founder of InsideOut Wellness and Weight Loss and author of ‘Don’t Starve, Eat Smart and Lose: A Modern Adaptation of the Traditional HCG Diet. HCG 2.0’  has successfully taken the original hCG food list and diet and improved on the whole concept. He has taken currently research about topics such as the high protein diets of the Inuit Cultures, the low-carb Ketosis diet, and the modernized food statistics released by the Estimated Glycemic Load, Fullness Factor and Caloric Ratios to improve the hCG diet so that it is far safer and more realistic for modern-day working adults.

Metabolism Boost and Reform

The hCG unlocks the body’s ability to metabolize its fat reserves when faced with a low-calorie hCG food list. Your body uses only the fat reserves and does not cannibalize muscle with the hCG 2.0 diet, according to Dr. Zach LaBoube, the author of HCG 2.0 and the pioneer of the contemporary diet plan version. The process is known as ketosis. The body’s fat reserves are effectively transformed into usable calories. When your body uses its own fat reserves you do not feel hungry but instead feel full. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin effectively resets the body’s metabolism by encouraging your body to use its stored fat.

What Are the Best HCG 2.0  Foods for 2018?

  • High protein-low Carb and zero or near zero sugars.
  • Eggs. Fish, Lean white meat of chicken, protein shakes make the best choices.
  • Protein bars and shakes with 20 grams of protein and less than 1-2 sugars can substitute for meals or serve as snacks.
  • 3 Fruits a day: except melons, raisins,tropical fruits
  • Low carb wraps such as  La Tortilla Factory, Misson Low  Carb,
  • Zero(or near zero)) sugar snacks like Jello, Popsicles
  • Vegetable Carb Substitutes such Cauliflower Rice, Zucchini noodles, Miracle Noodles

Vegetables and Fruits in the HCG Diet

The beginning dieter on the HCG plan often buys the pre-mixed salads rather than putting together the ingredients. At $3.00 – $5.00 a bag, this is not great deal. It’s much cheaper to buy a couple heads of different types of lettuce along with some other vegetables. With just 5 minutes of preparation a head of fresh lettuce (iceberg, romaine, green leaf or even spinach) will make more than twice as much salad and cost less than half! Invest in a salad spinner which can make the lettuce much crispier and more palatable.