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Ginger For Erectile Dysfunction

ginger for erectile dysfunction

The Effects of Ginger on Impotence

Male impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a common condition that most frequently affects older men. Unless the problem is psychological, the inability to achieve or maintain an erection is due to insufficient blood supply to the penis, not a lack of sexual arousal. Herbs such as ginger may help. However, since impotence may signal a more serious disorder, including cardiovascular disease or diabetes, check with your doctor before pursuing self-treatment.

Historically, ginger tea have been used all around the world to treat many illnesses in the body. In ancient times, China and India’s healing systems particularly venerated ginger tea as a prescription to poor blood circulation, nausea, impotency, and fatigue.

Now, a number of scientific scientific are confirming the health benefits that the ancient people claimed. Researchers recently concluded that ginger tea is a natural aphrodisiac. According to a study published in the African Journal of Biomedical Research, ginger had a positive effect on the reproductive systems of male rats because of its “potent antioxidant properties and androgenic activities.”

Ginger Moxa

Ginger moxa is a therapy used in Chinese medicine to treat impotence that marries the properties of ginger with practice of moxibustion, a technique that involves burning selected herbs at various acupuncture points along the body. Usually, the herb of choice is mugwort, the leaves of which are rolled into a “moxa stick” much like a cigar. With ginger moxa, a thick slice of ginger becomes the insulation between the moxa stick and the skin. The ginger is pierced with a few small holes into which the moxa sticks are placed, and the sticks are allowed to burn down just far enough to produce perspiration and redness on the skin. The procedure is typically repeated several times in succession.

Not surprisingly, this treatment is not well known in Western medicine and its effectiveness in terms of male impotence has only been studied in China. In fact, the only paper in the medical literature that specifically addresses this treatment for impotence is found in a 1992 issue of "Acupuncture Research."

Can It Be Treated?

ED is often treated with psychotherapy, behavior modification techniques, oral medications, locally injected drugs, vacuum devices, and sometimes even surgically implanted devices. In rare cases, surgery of the blood vessels may be necessary. In most cases, even when a physical cause is identified, emotional or psychological factors play a role as well.

The field of ED treatment has undergone considerable changes in recent times. New diagnostic tests, as well as treatments such as intracavernosal injection of vasoactive agents, vascular reconstructive surgery, and vacuum erection devices, have been added along with options of hormonal therapy, psychological counseling, and penile implants.

Aroma and Flavor

In his book, "Herbal Aphrodisiacs from Around the World," Clarence Meyer says that the same agents that lend ginger its medicinal properties are also responsible for stimulating arousal due to the warm, spicy scent and taste they impart. In fact, in Asian and Arabic cultures, the fragrance of ginger alone is regarded an aphrodisiac. Ginger is even referenced in the "Kama Sutra," the ancient Indian Hindu text dedicated to the art of giving and receiving sexual pleasure.

Essential oils for ED

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that contain the chemical compounds that make up the aroma of the plant they derive from. They are produced through distillation, and can be harmful if used in their pure form; people must dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before use.

Do not apply essential oils directly to the skin. Dilute essential oils in a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil — the usual dilution is 3 to 5 drops of essential oil in one ounce of carrier oil.

Sexual strength

Ginger is also referred to as the perfect herb that bring new levels of passion. This explains why ginger features prominently in the Kamasutra, a reliable Indian sex guide. It is one dependable aphrodisiac. The warming effect of the herb resembles capsaicin in peppers. It contains gingerol chemical. The heat the body generates after ingesting the herbs is the same as the body heat released sexual arousal between lovers. This is the aspect of warmth makes a major contribution towards stimulating one sexually, all of which starts in the brain. As a result one becomes highly aroused.

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