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Figral Sildenafil

Figral Sildenafil


If you are one of the millions of men who are struggling with their sex lives each day because of erectile dysfunction, then you have probably heard of or taken Viagra at some time in your life. Viagra is the #1 medication on the market right now for battling against ED is famous for letting men experience a satisfying night in bed with a partner. Viagra is also infamous for being quite costly, and so men have come to find that there are actually substitutes like Sildenafil and Figral.

When you talk about Figral, Viagra, and Sildenafil, these three drugs sound worlds apart, but they are all pretty much the same drug. Sildenafil Citrate is the main chemical that comprises all of them, and it helps males achieve harder and longer-lasting erections by dilating the arteries found in the body, including the penis, which then improves blood flow to that area. Viagra and Figral are just brand names for the generic form that is Sildenafil, but Viagra is considerably costlier because it has been an established product for such a long time.

How to Use Figral

Now that you know more about Figral, what are the most important things to remember when you are taking the drug? And, how is it usually taken? Keep the following in mind:

Since Figral is usually found in tablet form like its cousins, Viagra and Sildenafil, simply swallow it with water and it may be taken with or without food, though it may be better to take it a while after you’ve digested your last meal, since it has been found that high-fat food can interfere with its effectiveness.

To have a better erection when having sexual intercourse, take Figral about an hour before the activity. The drug will then continue to be effective for up to 5 hours after the onset of effects.

Erections don’t just appear after taking the drug. You should have some form of sexual stimulation in order to get an erection.

Overdosing may cause a worsening of adverse side effects, so do not take more than the recommended dose unless you have consulted your doctor about increasing the dosage.

Do not take the drug more than once in a 24-hour period, as doing so may lessen the effectiveness and potency of the drug while increasing the side effects that you experience.

Always use Figral and other Sildenafil drugs as directed by the doctor who prescribed the product to you.

Prices for Figral Online

Just from purchasing more quantities of Figral tablets, you can actually bring the price of each tablet down and get huge savings for buying in bulk.

They will offer you increasing discounts with every purchase of the same product.

Several websites will offer to deliver your products for free to your door or to your pharmacy of choice near your residence if your purchases go over a certain amount.

If you order a certain quantity of your chosen product, they can even add extra free pills to your purchase.