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Does Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Masturbation is very safe  but not entirely safe.


Unlike sex with a partner, masturbation can't give you a sexually transmitted disease. Nor will it subject you to the muscle strains, pokes in the eye, and awkward moments that can come with partner sex. But masturbation safety isn't guaranteed. "Masturbation is just about the safest sex there is," says Cornog. "But the laws of physics and biology don't stop operating just because someone is masturbating."

Frequent or overly vigorous masturbation can irritate the skin of the penis, as the average guy knows all too well. Less well known is that habitually masturbating face down -- for example, by thrusting against a sheet, pillow, or even a carpeted floor -- can injure the urethra in such a way that urine exits the penis not in a stream but in a hard-to-control spray. Barbara Bartlik, MD, a psychiatrist and sex therapist in New York City, says she's seen facedown masturbators with urethral trauma so severe that they are no longer able to use a urinal and must urinate while seated.

Does excessive masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

That theory isn’t actually true. In fact, one of the ways of treating premature ejaculation is by controlled masturbation.

For more information on the causes of premature ejaculation, see our medical article Premature.

Psychological Impotence

When a man who has been experiencing impotence symptoms during sexual intercourse is able to masturbate successfully to ejaculation with a full erection, psychological impotence is a definite possibility. It is possible, however, that the condition has a physical origin. For example, the problem may again be the steal syndrome: the limited physical activities associated with masturbation are not sufficient to result in loss of erection, in contrast with the increased sexual activity that occurs during regular intercourse and that result s in loss of erection. Regardless of the origin of the problem, professional attention is definitely indicated for men who can successfully masturbate and ejaculate with full erection, but consistently prove impotent during sexual relations with a partner.

Erection without Ejaculation

The final masturbation possibility, erection without ejaculation, indicates the dysfunction known as ejaculatory failure. An individual who can achieve erection through masturbation, but cannot ejaculate, is usually capable of vaginal penetration.

Benefits of masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. It has many benefits for your physical and mental health.

There are limited studies on the benefits of masturbation, but there are studies on sexual intercourse and stimulation.

Research and anecdotal reports suggest that sexual stimulation, including stimulation through masturbation, may help you:

  • relieve built-up stress
  • sleep better
  • boost your mood
  • relax
  • feel pleasure
  • relieve cramps
  • release sexual tension
  • have better sex
  • better understand your wants and needs
  • Couples may also mutually masturbate to explore different desires, as well as avoid pregnancy.

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