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Do You Need A Prescription For Sildenafil

Do You Need A Prescription For Sildenafil


In the UK Viagra is available as either a pharmacy medicine or a prescription medicine, depending on the dose. The lower and higher doses (25mg and 100mg) of the drug require a prescription, whereas the middle dose (50mg, or Viagra Connect) can be purchased following consultation with a pharmacist.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction for the first time and have never used treatment before, it's generally advisable arrange a consultation with your doctor in the first instance.

Approaching your doctor about this sensitive health problem can at first appear intimidating but it needn’t be. ED is a very common condition for which there are a variety of treatment options.

What should I expect at my doctor or pharmacy consultation?

Before Viagra is issued, your doctor or pharmacist will need to establish whether it is a suitable treatment for you.

The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil which works by relaxing the blood vessels at the entrance of the penis to allow more blood into the area. The increased blood flow thereby improves erectile performance.

The physical reaction caused by Viagra’s active ingredient can interact with some health conditions and medications, so your doctor or pharmacist will want to make sure that it is a safe treatment option.

At your appointment, you will usually undergo consultation for ED. In some cases, testing and examination may also be required.


You should be prepared to answer questions about the nature of your erection disorder. It is likely that the doctor or pharmacist will want to know details about your symptoms, how long you have been experiencing them as well as general information about your health.

A review of your past medical history may take place to see if there are any primary conditions responsible for the development of ED.

Physical examination and tests

ED can be a sign of cardiovascular impairment caused by narrowed blood vessels. There are some investigations that your doctor or pharmacist may wish to perform to rule it out. The tests might include taking a blood pressure reading, listening to your heart and measuring your height and weight.

If your doctor suspects that your prostate gland might be contributing to your ED they may ask to perform a digital rectal examination. It is quite common for your doctor to run routine blood tests to check for underlying health conditions and to assess your hormone levels.

Depending on the outcome of the above tests, your doctor may be happy to prescribe ED medication such as Viagra.

Is Viagra available on the NHS?

In certain cases, yes. Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra which is most widely prescribed by NHS GPs to treat erectile dysfunction. 

The branded version is also available on an NHS prescription (for free or at the levy rate) under specific circumstances.

Otherwise, Viagra will need to be obtained privately.

An NHS doctor can issue a Viagra prescription (for the doses requiring it) on a private basis, but they may charge a small fee for this. 

Men with a private prescription will have to buy Viagra at the market price from a high street pharmacy or online chemist. This can vary, depending on the pharmacy providing the treatment.

Can I safely buy Viagra online?

Yes, but it is important to check that the online pharmacy you use is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

You will still need to undergo a consultation with a doctor when using an online pharmacy site, which will cover similar questions to those asked in a face-to-face appointment.

You should avoid any websites that offer to sell Viagra to you with asking any health questions as they are breaking UK law. Websites that trade illegally may even sell counterfeit medication which is unregulated and potentially dangerous.