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Dieta Hcg

Dieta Hcg

HCG Injection Instructions

You will need two vials of 5000 IU to complete the 43 days protocol. But if your weight loss goal is 15 pounds or less, you can do the 23 days protocol and you will need only one 5000 IU vial.

During your 43 day protocol with HCG, mix only one vial at a time to ensure the potency of the HCG. Then after 23 days, discard the first vial and mix the second vial.

Do not expose it to light. Exposure to light will cause the potency of HCG to deteriorate. Choose amber vial if you are buying it yourself. If it is a clear vial, wrap it with an aluminum foil or place it in an opaque container to preserve the hormone.

Do not freeze the HCG. It may affect the potency of the hormone.

Mixed the HCG only with bacteriostatic water. DO NOT mix two different liquids with your HCG. Use only the liquid that comes with your HCG.

How Does an HCG Diet Work?

The diet revolves around the idea that using the hormone will encourage the body to burn excess body fat instead of needing to take in additional calories. Patients will give themselves regular injections or ingest hCG hormones. These injections should take place over a period of 45 days to help reset the metabolism. During this time, patients will restrict their calorie intake to help promote weight loss. Some plans encourage followers to eat as little as 500 calories a day while using this system.

Hcg Diet Side Effects

A Lack of Nutrition. This kind of diets demand that followers cut their daily calorie intake down to 500-800 calories. In most cases this means that the patient will not be getting the adequate amount of nutrition to maintain their body properly. Low calorie diets that promote starvation tendencies can also increase the patient's risk of developing gallstones. The body may also begin to break down muscle as well as fat to supply calories to satisfy prolonged hunger caused by this severe dieting regimen. Patients who plan to take on an hCG diet should work closely with a medical professional to design a diet plan that will help them take in their necessary nutrients while restricting their calorie intake.

Weight Return. The weight loss associated with an hCG diet is dependent on the patient using hormone injections to maintain a specific metabolic level. The patient will also be promoting starvation behavior in their body by limiting their calorie intake in an extreme way. Both of these practices increase your risk of rapid weight gain after the dieting program is complete. This rapid weight gain after the diet will then increase your health risks commonly associated with obesity such as heart disease.

Other Risks. Taking hormone treatments without following the instructions can lead to an increased risk of side effects. These include depression, fatigue, headache, irritability and restlessness. The risk of developing conditions such as blood clots, ovarian cysts and testicular tumorsalso increases when using hCG.


Store your HCG drops in a cool, dark place (like a dark pantry or a dark cabinet).

Keep your HCG drops AWAY from electromagnetic waves.

Store the HCG drops away from microwaves, they are the most common household source of electromagnetic waves.

Keep your HCG drops out of direct sunlight.

Keep the HCG drops at room temperature.

Don't leave your HCG drops in your car or outside for an extended period of time.