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Chlorambucil For Dogs

Chlorambucil For Dogs


Chlorambucil For Veterinary Use. Chlorambucil, trade name Leukeran®, is an immunosuppressant that is commonly prescribed by veterinarians to treat dogs and cats that are suffering from immune-mediated disorders and cancers, such as lymphoma and leukemia.

Why it's used

Chlorambucil is used to treat certain types of cancer of the blood and lymph nodes. These types include:

  • chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • lymphosarcoma
  • giant follicular lymphoma
  • Hodgkin’s disease
  • Chlorambucil doesn’t cure cancer, but it helps relieve its symptoms.

How it works

Chlorambucil belongs to a class of drugs called antineoplastic (anti-cancer drugs), or more specifically, alkylating agents. A class of drugs is a group of medications that work in a similar way. These drugs are often used to treat similar conditions.

Chlorambucil Side Effects

Side effects primarily are gastrointestinal distress (including vomiting and diarrhea) and bone marrow suppression. Alopecia, particularly in Poodles and Kerry Blues, has been reported. Seizures are a rarer side effect.


Chlorambucil should be used with caution in animals with pre-existing bone marrow suppression or infection.

Chlorambucil may be teratogenic. Because of the serious nature of the diseases for which it is used, its potential benefit to the patient should be weighed against the possible fetal harm.

Drug Interactions

Chlorambucil should be used with caution with other myelosuppressive or immunosuppressive drugs due to additive bone marrow suppression or increased risk of infection.


Overdose may cause seizures and pancytopenia. Gastric emptying should be considered depending on the patient's neurologic status. Blood component therapy may be warranted based on the degree of pancytopenia.

Dogs and Cats

Chlorambucil is used in dogs to treat canine lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, lymphoreticular neoplasms, macroglobinemia, polycythemia vera, and inflammatory bowel disease. It also may be used in combination with Prednisone when treating Pemphigus complex.

Chlorambucil is used in cats to treat lymphocytic leukemia, lymphocytic plasmacytic enteritis, Pemphigus, inflammatory bowel disease, and feline eosinophillic granuloma complex. Chlorambucil is considered safer than Azathioprine for use in cats.


Chlorambucil has been used within a multiple-drug protocol to treat lymphoma in horses.

Storage Information

Store in a tightly sealed container in a refrigerator. Additionally, as with any medication, keep out of children’s reach.

Missed Dose?

If you miss a dose, give the dose as soon as possible. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose, and continue with the regular schedule. Do not give your pet two doses at once.


Severe skin reactions warning: This drug can cause severe skin reactions. These can be fatal (cause death). Let your doctor know if you have any signs of a skin reaction. Symptoms include a severe rash, painful sores, blistering skin, or peeling skin. If you develop any of these reactions, your doctor may temporarily or permanently stop your treatment with this drug.

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