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causes of erectile dysfunction in young males

causes of erectile dysfunction in young males


The causes of ED widely vary and can be caused by psychological, neurological, or lifestyle issues. ER can also be the result of side effects of particular medications.

All men who experience symptoms of ED should talk to their doctor to identify the probable cause and to determine the best course of action in terms of treatment.

Some of the causes for ED in young men include:

  • performance anxiety when the man is too nervous to sustain an erection
  • depression, schizophrenia, and other psychological disorders
  • penile abnormalities, such as foreskin problems or curvature
  • spinal cord injuries
  • microvascular disease from diabetes
  • nerve injuries
  • hypogonadism, a condition where the body does not produce enough sexual hormones
  • certain medications including some antidepressants
  • multiple sclerosis

Additionally, some young men might experience ED as result of factors that they have more control over.

For example, young men can suffer from ED due to:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • poor diet
  • lack of exercise
  • smoking
  • excessive drinking
  • relationship stress

If ED is caused by any of these lifestyle factors, it may be possible for men to reduce or eliminate the symptoms through changes to their lifestyle and diet.

However, even if a man thinks he knows the reason for his ED, he should see a doctor for a formal diagnosis and treatment. A doctor can also rule out any potentially harmful conditions that may cause ED.

ED in young men

A study in the July 2013 Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that ED is more common among younger men than previously thought. Researchers found that ED affected 26 percent of adult men under 40. Almost half of these young men suffered from severe ED.

That rate is comparable to what is experienced by older men. Researchers also noted that younger ED patients were more likely than older men with ED to smoke or use illegal drugs.

Physical causes

Getting and keeping an erection requires healthy circulation. Clogged arteries — a condition known as atherosclerosis — is one possible cause of ED. High blood pressure can also lead to ED.

ED can be a sign of diabetes. This is because high levels of blood glucose can damage blood vessels, including those responsible for supplying blood to the penis during an erection.

Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes and hypertension. Overweight young men should take steps to lose excess pounds.

Hormonal disorders, such as low testosterone, may contribute to ED. Another possible hormonal cause of ED is increased production of prolactin, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Additionally, an abnormally high or low thyroid hormone level can result in ED. Young men who use steroids to help build muscle mass are also at a higher risk for ED.

Psychological causes

The feelings of sexual excitement that lead to an erection start in the brain. Conditions such as depression and anxiety can interfere with that process. One major sign of depression is withdrawal from things that once brought pleasure, including sexual intercourse.

Stress related to jobs, money, and other life events can contribute to ED. Alcohol and drug abuse are both common causes of ED among young men. Relationship problems and poor communication with a partner can cause sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

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