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Caffeine Erectile Dysfunction

Caffeine Erectile Dysfunction

Is it true that caffeine helps with ED?

The theory that caffeine can help treat ED may stem from studies on the subject.

One recent study found that men who drank about 170-375 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per day were less likely to report ED than those who didn’t. The researchers noted, however, that they weren’t able to find a connection between caffeine and increased blood flow. The study was also inherently biased. The data came from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. More research is needed to confirm this study’s findings.

Drinking a few cups of coffee per day to treat ED would be an attractive solution for some people, but there isn’t enough evidence to conclude that caffeine is helpful in treating ED.

Can increasing caffeine intake help with erectile dysfunction (ED)?

It’s possible that caffeine could help a man’s erections, but more research is needed.

Caffeine is a stimulant found in foods and beverages. Coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks are common source.

They discovered that men who consumed between 170-375 mg of caffeine each day had lower rates of ED. (This amount is the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee.)

It’s possible that caffeine helps relax arteries and smooth muscle tissue in the penis, allowing more blood to flow in when a man is aroused. Good blood flow is essential for a firm erection.

Overweight and obese men, along with those with high blood pressure, also had lower rates of ED when they consumed more caffeine. However, higher caffeine intake did not seem to affect ED rates in men with diabetes.

Benefits of Caffeine to ED and Lifestyle Factors

It has many advantages. In other words, there will be better blood-circulation all over, so as to allow one to keep a great power for toxin-removal. Also, there will be a better mental-capacity/promotion of eyesight among others. When the blood-circulation is better, there will be more energy thereby helping men who have ED

There are some things that can make ED worse. When it comes to this, the need for drugs/treatments might be eliminated if few changes are made. Some of the changes are:

Try Coffee

It can help your penis get firmer and more rigid due to the fact that it contains caffeine that improves the circulation of blood and that of adrenaline. Although it is very great in erection but could be quite unsafe. But a little of it will not hurt you, rather, it will do you good.


Make sure that you are friends with your good-nutrients and keep away from junks. Keep away from theempty-meals that give just little nutritional value. Some routine-workouts make you go a long way.


Downsize or stop having alcohol to find out if this will be of help to you. If you are a smoker too, this is the right time to stop. Look for professional help, most especially if you are having a substance that can be abusive and make your ED worse.

Try to De-stress

When anxiety/stress are here , it will be good for you to go for counseling.

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