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  • Manufacturer : Allergan India Pvt Ltd
  • Equivalent Brands : Flarex
  • Generic Brands : Fluorometholone

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1. Buy FML Eye Drop Online

FML eye drops contain the active ingredient fluorometholone, which is a type of medicine called a corticosteroid (or steroid). Corticosteroids are used for reducing inflammation.

Inflammation occurs as a result of allergy or irritation and is caused by the release of substances that are important in the immune system. These substances cause blood vessels to widen, resulting in the affected area becoming red, swollen, itchy and painful.

Corticosteroids are hormones produced naturally by the adrenal glands that have many important functions, including control of inflammatory responses. They work by acting within cells to decrease the release of inflammatory substances, thereby reducing swelling, redness and irritation. Fluorometholone is a synthetic corticosteroid that can be administered into the eyes to decrease inflammation.

FML eye drops also contain polyvinyl alcohol, which acts as a lubricant for the eye and helps to relieve discomfort in a dry and inflamed eye.

2. How To FML Eye Drop Work?

FML Liquifilm Eye Drop is a topical steroid ( anti-inflammatory medicine ). It works by stopping the release of certain natural substances in the eye that are responsible for pain and inflammation (redness and swelling).

3. How To Take FML Eye Drop?

This medicine is for external use only.Take it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Hold the dropper close to the eye/ear without touching it. Gently squeeze the dropper and place the medicine inside the lower eyelid or ear. Wipe off extra liquid.

4. Mechanism Action Of FML Eye Drop?

FML Eye Drops 0.1% contain fluorometholone, which is a synthetic corticosteroid hormone and is a derivative of the natural glucocorticoid cortisol, with potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Fluorometholone in FML Eye Drops 0.1% acts directly through the glucocorticoid receptor that is expressed inside most cells of the body and regulates transcription of specific genes that control the inflammatory and immune response. 

The major therapeutic actions of fluorometholone are to reduce the vascular (blood vessels) and cellular inflammatory response primarily by blocking the production of inflammatory chemicals, like prostaglandins and leukotrienes, from inflammatory cells. 

This action modifies the actions of cells involved in allergic and inflammatory responses, such as phagocytic migration and reduces the swelling (oedema), redness and pain associated with inflammation of the eye.

5. Side Effects of FML Eye Drop

  • Increased intraocular pressure.
  • Blurred vision after putting in the drops.
  • Eye pain, itching or irritation.
  • Sensation of something in the eye(s).
  • Dilated pupil(s).
  • Watery eyes.
  • Eyelid swelling.
  • Increased pressure inside the eyeball.
  • Headache.

6. Warning of FML Eye Drop

These eye drops are for use in the eye only and must not be taken by mouth.

These drops may cause your vision to blur temporarily after you have put them into the eye(s). Do not drive or operate machinery until this has worn off.

These drops should not be used for longer than seven days, unless under expert supervision. If prolonged therapy is needed, you should have regular check-ups with your doctor so they can monitor you for adverse reactions.

Intensive or prolonged application of corticosteroids to the eye may lead to an increase in the pressure inside the eye, glaucoma, damage to the optic nerve or the formation of cataracts.

Your eye specialist will want you to have regular eye check-ups to monitor for these types of side effects if you use this medicine for long periods of time.

Each container of this medicine should discarded four weeks after the first opening, because after this time the drops may be contaminated with germs that could cause eye infections. You may find it helpful to write the date of opening on the pack. Dispose of carefully, preferably by returning to your pharmacy.

7. Precaution of FML Eye Drop

You should not use FML Eye Drops if you:

  • are allergic to fluorometholone or any ingredients in FML Eye Drops
  • are pregnant or are breastfeeding, without discussion with your doctor
  • have a bacterial, viral or fungal eye infection
  • have glaucoma or are at risk of developing glaucoma
  • have recently had cataract surgery as corticosteroids can delay healing

8. Uses of FML Eye Drop

FML Eye Drops 0.1% are used to treat inflammation of the eye, including inflammation of the ocular or bulbar conjunctiva, a clear membrane that covers the outer surface of the eye or sclera (white of the eye) and the palpebral conjunctiva that lines the inside of the eyelids. 

Also the cornea, which is the clear protective area at the front of the eye, and the anterior segment of the globe that includes the iris, pupil, lens, cornea and fluid filled anterior chamber. 

FML Eye Drops 0.1% are used as short-term treatment to relieve symptoms of eye inflammation, including irritation, burning, redness and swelling that are caused by chemicals, heat, radiation, allergy, or foreign objects in the eye, but they should not be used for viral, fungal or bacterial eye infection and is only suitable for steroid-responsive inflammation.

9. Storage of FML Eye Drop

You should store your FML Eye Drops below 25°C in a cool dry place.  

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