How liberating does it feel to get naked while bathing and exploring our physical might against the mirror?

Well, that’s probably one of the best feelings to shed off shame, embarrassment, hesitation, and dirt.

That’s when we are most confident— because bathing brings a fresh air of liberation and freedom.

But how often do we get naked in a day? Maybe twice— bathing and having sex— that is it.

Kids and bachelors without the partners don’t even have the luxury of sex.

So, shall we start introducing our naked-selves while sleeping?

Well, you should if you haven’t been doing it.

Sleeping naked has excellent implications for healthy sleep.

Let’s figure out how sleeping naked brings unique health benefits.

Leads to a healthy sleeping session

There’s a popular notion that cozy night wears and layers of clothes and blankets lead to better sleep quality.

But science doesn’t agree to the notion.

Sleep has a lot to do with the thermal environment where your body feels the best when the core temperature is low.

The strata of clothes on your body warm it— contrary to what your body demands, i.e., balanced thermal exposure.

Some of the studies have suggested that sleeping naked betters the quality of sleep by reducing the number of waking up.

Mutes down the stress level

Whether you have a partner or not; when you sleep naked, your skin gets in contact with your partner or the bed.

The exposure of skin to the soft bed sheet or skin to skin contact with your partner compels the hypothalamus to release the love hormone— oxytocin— which battles cortisol— the stress hormone.

You can observe sexual stimulation when your penis rubs against the surface of the bed.

Well, that’s when you may get an erection and masturbation or sex at the moment choke your stress.

Supports eye and body health

That’s surprising but sleeping naked has a lot of benefits on several organs like eyes, stomach, heart, etc.

As sleeping naked regulates the body temperature and pushes in the thermal equilibrium, there’s far more release of melatonin hormone— the sleep hormone which is known to induce sleep.

Melatonin has additional health benefits as it’s a solid antioxidant.

The antioxidant properties kill the free-radicals contributing to the healthy eye, minimizing the heartburn, and managing the stomach-ulcer.

Another surprising benefit of antioxidative property of Melatonin is “it slows down aging.”

Cuts off additional weight

A bad sleep cycle tends to disturb the hormones causing stress and increased weight.

Science has already proved that while sleeping, humans release more CO2 than the day time burning the unwanted fats.

Usually, fats harm the rhythmic sleep cycle because they increase the temperature of the body.

But sleeping naked reduce the core body temperature, thereby, burning the fats.

Generally, sound sleep is also associated with the enhanced metabolism, and as the rate of the metabolism decides the weight of the body, better metabolism which continually keeps your weight checked.

Rollbacks infection

The private areas of men and women are highly susceptible to infection, especially in the summer.

Confining them under the cozy pajamas and embracing underpants aggravate the condition by launching moisture, heat, and sweat— the favorable environment for bacterias and fungus to attack.

Sleeping naked doesn’t give rise to the antibiotic properties in the groin, testicles, and region around it; however, it brings the skin in contact with the fresh air which eliminates sweat and moisture, and by that, it wards off itching sensation.

A healthy sleep cycle is a key to whatever you do in your life. Today, a significant population in the world suffers from sleep disorders, and they have to bear consequences as serious as death.

If sleeping naked may add an affirming effect on your cycle, then why not practice it?