Your body needs water as much as it needs food.You can go a few days without food but going without water isn't a possibility.

An adequate amount of both food and liquid is what your body yearns to be healthy and perform flawlessly.

And when you run short on either, it gives you clear signs such as thirst and hunger.We all have an instinct to reach out for a glass of water while at lunch or dinner.

But have you ever thought what are the effects of water and food going down your throat at once?

Do you even know what happens when the food reaches your stomach mixed with water?Water may be only a reason to flush down all the solid food down your throat.

But most people are unaware that drinking water while having food drives your digestive system into a mess.

Not only your digestive system but drinking water along with your food can also have detrimental effects on your overall health.Let us tell you all about it.

Your stomach hates when you drink water along with your food

Gastric juices present in our stomach are acidic.They work hard to digest food and destroy the bacteria ingested with the food.

But when there is water along with the food, it dilutes the acidic gastric juices and brings a strike in the digestive process.

When there is a slowdown in the digestive system, the food remains in the stomach at a stretch, thus causing indigestion.

Link with Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction isn't a direct consequence of drinking water along with your food.

One of the reasons for erectile dysfunction can be indigestion.When you drink water along with the food, concentrated digestive juices are diluted with water.

Now when the digestive process takes time, because of the diluted acids,  it can result in erectile dysfunction.

One of the studies shows that an upset stomach or imbalanced bowel movements affect sexual functions of a person's body. [1]

Drinking water along with food is known to have reduced capacity of the glands that secrete digestive fluids.

While healthy food and drinking adequate water can be beneficial for health, drinking water along with your diet can have contrary effects.

It fuels your worst fear - Obesity

As already established, drinking water along with the food results in indigestion.But, the harmful effects don't stop here.

When you consume water along with the food, the food is preserved in the form of fat by your body as a source of energy to be used when needed.

This results in a spike in the insulin levels of your body resulting in you putting on weight.Thus, drinking water along with your food results in a weak digestive system which encourages weight gain.

Link with Erectile Dysfunction:

Obesity is terrible; it is a universal truth.Scientists have believed that beyond cardiovascular complications, obesity can result in multiple other complications in your body.

One of that complication is hindrance with Testosterone levels and resulting in erectile dysfunction.

A study in 1977 conducted on obese men returned that overweight man had below average Testosterones levels. [2]

Another study conducted in 2009 to study the relation of obesity with Testosterone resulted that the BMI of a person is inversely proportional to the Testosterone levels.It means that the more obese a person is, the lower the level of Testosterone.

This means that obesity or low libido is directly proportional to low Testosterone levels resulting in erectile dysfunction.

So, to stay fit and have a great sex life, make sure you always drink water 30 mins before each meal.

Let us know about your thoughts about drinking water along with your food. We are always open to hearing new ideas.Stay healthy, stay happy!