For centuries, religious preachings and mythical tales paint masturbation in the negative shade.

They have made the subject taboo— conditioning young brains to believe that it brings sin and satan at the same time.

But in the last two decades, the awareness regarding the sex, positions, and genital stimulation have slowly turned the table upside down.

We can see its reference in a few movies, web series, books, etc.

With the rise in curiosity, a lot of people harbor questions which need immediate answers.

In fact, the lack of answers has bred many myths which demand urgent debunking.

Let’s check some of the wildest assumptions which people make regarding the masturbation.

Myth 1: It leads to erectile dysfunction

Are you one of them who think masturbation has a hitting impact on your penile function?

Let me burst your bubble— you are terribly wrong.

Masturbation is an act of exploring our own physical-self.

It’s like being in a relationship with yourself— about how good you feel for sexual creativity.

The best part about it is— a lot of doctors (GP) emphasize on masturbating for conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED).

A series of factors contribute to ED, and masturbation helps in discovering our abilities on the bed.

If you feel it’s going to hurt your penile activity, you are thinking contrary to what you should consider, i.e., it alleviates erectile disorder.

Myth 2: It reduces the fertility

Do you have a fear that excessive masturbation may make you short of sperm count?

That’s utterly inaccurate.

The sperm quality, motility, and concentration depend on your lifestyle and diet.

Other factors like hormonal imbalance, toxicity, testicle issues, physical damage to the testes, etc. could affect fertility.

But there’s no evidence which calls association between frequent masturbation and dipping fertility.

In fact, some studies have proved that men with standard sperm quality have normal motility and concentration.

Myth 3: It leads to stress-related headache

Masturbation gets often criticized in leading the way for stress and headache.

That’s purely gross.

A lot of clinical research has validated masturbation as a natural analgesic agent which prevents from headache.

It’s the best way by which you can corner professional stress and give your mind enough space to take pleasure in imagining sexual fantasies.

Again, stress-related erectile dysfunction is massively affected by masturbation.

As it preoccupies the mind, it empowers you to have complete control over your body and penis.

When you wank, your body releases happy hormone— serotonin and love hormone— oxytocin.

The increased level of the said hormones has shown preventative features for treating erectile dysfunction.

Myth 4: It can sexually use you up

A lot of people fix the number of masturbation frequency in a week or month as if each man has a pre-allotted number of orgasms.

They fear that excessive masturbation could snatch their ability to feel pleasure while having actual sex session.

Honestly, the myth is ridiculous as there’s no limit while you jerk off.

Of course, you are the ultimate decider. You are the one who will decide the number of orgasms you want.

However; you can have as many as want— depending on your capacity.

Masturbation can never exhaust you with sexual abilities like an orgasm.

Orgasm is a result of semen and seminal fluid production.

The testicles produce semen whereas the prostate manufactures seminal fluid.

Wanking off is just a method to way out the amalgamation of semen and seminal fluid.

Is it infidelity?

It really depends on the narrative of the couples.

Men masturbate to soothe their thought processes; however, women consider it as infidelity.

Having a healthy sexual conversation with the spouse could pull off many doubts regarding the sexual responsibility and sensitivity towards your partner.