Before we dive into learning about the treatment of pores, we shall first determine what they actually are.

Pores are the natural openings in our skin which release the oil and hold the hair.The pores look inflated when the dead cells and oil fail to exit out of them.

Just think of a clogged tube where you dump a lot of waste.The tube inflates because that's not what it's designed for.

Similarly, the tiny opening of the pores is not designed to hold the bigger dead cells, sebum molecules, and sometimes infection.

When your skin is overexposed to dust, air pollutants, UV rays; you develop indigenous pores which might further contribute to acne.

But with the right skin care, you may get decent control over it.Let’s skim through some of the skin care strategies to challenge clogged pores.

Making an informed decision

The skin problems come in a variety of forms.The issue is— we don’t know the fundamental difference between the clogged pores, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, lesions, etc.

And without acknowledging the types of problems, we choose products which only aggravates our skin condition.Our first step is to decode the type of our skin and the issues related to it.

If the skin is hypersensitive, we need to opt for the products which don’t have allergens like fragrance, dye, etc.

Instead, we need skin-soothers like aloe, rosemary, lavender, etc. for bridling the skin-irritants.

Hence, making an informed decision might make our skin tolerate the environmental variables.

Cleansing the face

Well, it’s a debatable subject when it comes to the frequency of washing the face in a day.Some clean their oily face five times a day whereas others find a single session sufficient.

As oily skin contributes to more pores, we’d recommend you not to overdo the scrubbing part.Clean your face twice in a day— once in the morning, and second after you return from work.

When you regularly scrub your face, your overprotective skin produces more oil— which again increases the pore-misery.

You may practice Exfoliating thrice in a week; however, your oily skin will regularly develop clogged pores.

With the oily skin, your aim should be to control the natural oil, and not the pores.Maybe, managing the oil layer might dampen the clogging of the pores.

Befriending sun-screens

The harmful UV-rays of the sun give birth to the free radical molecules in the body.The free radicals are known to produce blemishes, clogged pores, and acne.

And if you have already got clogged pores, the UV-rays might magnify the size of your pores.

Thus, befriending with Sunscreen lotions can be of massive help to your skin condition.

The inorganic sunscreens have chemicals which don’t allow the harmful radiation to reach the skin by scattering them, and the organic ones absorb the rays even before our skin does.

Apart from applying the lotion, make a schedule which protects you from the harmful rays between 10 am to  4 pm.

Modifying your diet

As oily skins are more vulnerable to producing clogged pores, you should strictly cut down oil from your diet.

The food rich in oil and fats agonizes the skin and leeway for more clogged pores.

You should look forward to sticking to a low-fat diet which includes healthy food items like leafy vegetables, nutrient-rich fruits, etc. rather than relying on the fried food.

A lot of health nutritionists suspect that Mediterranean diet is the best diet for treating the clogged pores and oily skin because it’s a potpourri of fresh and whole food items like whole grains, nuts, legumes, etc.

Some of the bad habits such as going to bed without removing the makeup, and not seeking a dermatologist on time worsen the situation.

If you wish to enhance your skin health, ensure that you follow the above-stated bullets.