A blood vessel is the most selfless entity in the entire universe.

Why do I say this?

Blood vessels conduct their work— tirelessly— day and night— without any Sundays.

They have nothing to get in reward, no salary, no appreciation.

Despite such mistreatment, they continue to work.

A 17th century saying “a man’s age equals the age of his arteries” needs a little modification.

It should be “you are as healthy as your blood vessels.”

But humans are known for their intervention— even in the course of nature.

Humans have successfully choked these selfless tubes by their antics, and with the rate, they are choking, the doomsday is near— the time when most of the population would suffer from chronic cardiovascular problems.

Today, almost 25% of the United States population suffers from Cardiovascular problems [1] and if the unconstrained human intervention doesn’t halt— the matter will get out of the hands.

What makes you selfish?

The blood vessels don’t demand a token of respect— they are indifferent to your emotions.

They neither need your paycheque nor do they aspire for your emotional attention.

All they want is— zero intervention for maximizing their workflows— which is the blood flow in a literal sense.

But what do we give back to it?

  • Plaque from smoking: We follow an uber-cool culture to destroy ourselves, i.e., smoking. We inhale so good a waxy substance which sits on the walls of the blood vessels and builds the bottleneck for hampering the seamless workflow of the blood. As a result, the waxy substance also called ‘plaque’ increases the dangers of cardiovascular disorders.
  • Trans and saturated fats from unhealthy diet: Our diet has excessive saturated and trans fat. These fats impart an inflammatory impact on the blood vessels, and the inner walls of the arteries lose the elasticity. It makes expanding difficult for the blood vessels for carrying the blood. It’s another important factor which contributes to cardiovascular problems.
  • Laziness from our laziness: The situation gets worse when we add laziness to our poor diet and habits. A lazy body doesn’t meet the requirement of oxygen-rich blood in the organs. The lack of oxygen in the blood leads to the toxicity in the blood. With the disturbed circulatory system, blood vessels fail to work, and we boost our laziness to another level. As we get lazy, our body continues to demand more laziness from our sides. And more laziness continues to disturb the blood flow. If blood vessels were to speak, they’d say “if you are lazy, I am better at it.”
  • Toxicity from the chemicals: Our “rich” diet is not so rich considering the plenty of chemicals in it. Our everyday diet, cosmetics, etc. have chemicals which clog our blood vessels without informing us. Diet with chemicals like Bisphenol-A (BPA) and cosmetics with compounds like Phthalates increase the risk of toxic substance like Plaque in the blood vessels. Plaque, as usual, blocks them and doesn’t let them work properly.

The motto of blood vessels

They are the silent protectors. They are the ultimate guardians.

They don’t demand anything from you.

Just don’t get into their way— you work your way, and let them work in their way.

If you can’t do any good to the circulatory system, at least make sure that you are not poisoning it.

Your contribution

If you can’t toil hard for exercise, if you can’t meditate, at the minimum— stop intervention by smoking and ingesting unhealthy diet.

The way you try to find productivity at your work, let the vessels find their productivity.

So, what do you choose? Your selfishness to block the vessel’s path or your maturity to let it work smoothly? The choice is entirely yours.