From the primordial phase to the late 80s of erectile dysfunction populace, you put men in a room and ask them to express the rising concern of ED.

Most of them would shy away from keeping their points.

We are a lucky batch of millennials and gen-Z population because “people choose to talk about their penile dysfunction rather than hiding due to the fear of humiliation.”

There’s a paradoxical science behind it.

As people have come forward to report their ED issues, there has been phenomenal advancement in treating ED, and as more methods are getting developed, people are often flooring their reports more vocally.

In the previous two sections, we discussed some of the standard yet effective procedures for treating ED.

Let’s add depth to it by discussing a few more brilliant bullets for getting over erectile dysfunction.

Sex Counseling

Sex therapy or sex counseling often comes into picture when factors like stress, depression, strained relationship, etc. lead to altered sex drive, sexual dysfunctions like ED, or disinterest in sex.

Anxiety and stress primarily contribute towards constricting the blood vessels and nerves in the penile region which ultimately lead to the blocking the blood influx.

Since psychological condition causes ED, it’s smarter to resort to techniques which are integrated with psychotherapeutic therapy and medical ones.

The therapy requires strict evaluation and examination of all the factors including the psychological one.

Talking about depressive symptoms help with both— the psychological and sexual performance.

In reality, performance anxiety and depression hamper more relationship than you think.

The certified therapist would make you believe that it’s very casual to possess ED, and you can face it with your will power placed at the right spot.

As the doctors channelize motivation in your brain, your blood pressure will eventually improve— making you focused and setting your mood for having sex.

Male Hormone Therapy

It’s a therapy which targets patients with the low testosterone level and ED together.

Although not all low testosterone patient develops impotence; there’s a slight risk of establishing it.

There have been a few cases when low testosterone level has led to ED.

As ED is a multifactorial disease, the male hormone therapy doesn’t guarantee to combat it; however, the cases linked to the low testosterone may be challenged by increasing the sex hormone.

The therapy doesn’t directly dilate the blood vessel or improve the blood flow in the penis.

It may enhance the overall sex drive, and boost up the confidence.

As confidence builds, you strengthen the psychological pillar which assists you in having decent sex.

Penile Revascularization

Akin to heart revascularization, i.e., angioplasty or bypass, penile revascularization is slowly gaining popularity.

Although it’s least practiced method among all due to the complexity in the procedure, technical difficulties, and cos; it’s steadily marking its position for the ED treatment.

One of the studies showed a positive impact on the respondents under controlled factors; however, a few patients (7%) had shown hypervascularization as the maximum complication [1].

Generally, the process is used for an emergency case of heart and kidney issues— because it’s a matter of survival.

Probably this is the reason why penile revascularization hasn’t attracted many— people may consider it as a cosmetic surgery.

The doctors check several eligibility criteria of which one is age (< 50 years).

The strict patient selection criteria ensure that patients with generalized vascular pathology are given other treatment options rather than the said surgery.

So, what do you make of its future? Where are we heading to in the ED treatment field?

Also, what treatment suits you the best and why?

Share your personal experience and enlighten us about the merits and demerits of your treatment.