As we are carrying the series for treating erectile dysfunction, we discussed some of the most popular ways for nursing it in the previous part.

The last piece mentioned how traditional pills such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis; generic pills like Fildena, Cenforce, and Tadarise; and penile injection have made it possible for the patients to overcome their fear and discuss their issues with much openness.

In the given piece, let’s learn about a few more popular ways of treating erectile dysfunction.

Urethral Pellets

It is developed for the sect which can’t use self-penile injection hint due to fear, unwillingness, or other safety reasons.

The therapy doesn’t have the injection; instead, it has a dissolvable pellet.

The respondent could place the pellet in the urethra without medical assistance.

The urethra is the small opening in the penis which is used to ejaculate semen and urinate.

A man has to pee before applying pellet to the tip of the dick— the pee makes sure that there’s enough moisture for the pellet to dissolve.

The onset of pellet medication is 5 to 10 mins, and it lasts up to 60 minutes.

It is popularly sold under the name MUSE— the abbreviation formed from the medicated urethral system for erections.

If it’s not used correctly, some of the notable side-effects may devastate your next sex experience.

They are— pain in the urethral bleeding/spotting, urethral burning, penile pain, testicular pain, etc.

So, before you make use of it, ask your doctor to demonstrate its application.

If you are too stoic to confer with the doctor, you shall check out the information leaflet and direction of usage on the internet.

Vacuum Or Penis Pump

The vacuum pump is another method featuring in this popular list.

Vacuum pumps are used by patients who have no medical or surgical relief.

The pump operates like any other pump.

Once the cylinder-shaped lid is placed on the penis, patients have to apply the pumping mechanism.

The mechanism will create a vacuum in the penile region.

As the pressure difference widens up, blood vessels conduct more blood in the penis than the anticipated— leading to an erection.

The tension ring mounted on the base of the penis manages the engorged penis.

It works perfectly fine for more than 70% of men.

It’s relatively safe to use than other methods; however, some of the side effects like bruising, numbness, bleeding under the penile skin, weak ejaculation, and abnormal pressure difference could damage the penis permanently.

It’s strictly advised to remove tension ring after 30 minutes.

Please, get in touch with your doctor before choosing these pumps for lightening your sex life.

Surgical implants

Sometimes, several medical conditions, safety issues, etc. fail to harvest the maximum potential of other preferred choices like medication, pump, or injection.

For such cases, penile or surgical implants offer a ray of hope to the men devastated by ED.

In simpler terms, an implant automates the penile erection.

It’s a device which gets placed in the penis and handovers the full control of the penis back to men, unlike other solutions for which patients have to rely on the onset of the medication effectivity.

In Penile Prosthesis (malleable prosthesis) implant— the rods are placed in the chambers of the penis.

As the penis always remains in the semi-rigid state (thanks to the hydraulics), it looks more natural, and the patient can control his penis at will.

Adversaries like scrotum engorgement, permanent erection, mechanical disturbance, infection, etc. put the treatment in a negative shade.

It’s confusing to choose the perfect measure— considering a lot of options are available in the market; however, we shall check what’s most effective at the lowest rates.

So, what’s your preference? A permanent solution like a penile implant or medication like Viagra?