The Effect Of Smoking On Sex Life

Different people who smoke bongs, pipes, and cigarettes have different narratives.

Some smoke to look smart in the uber-cool fad environment while others smoke to eradicate their stress.

Then there’s another group which takes pride in smoking as if it’s a healing potion.

Whatever may be their narrative, they mostly end up having the same fate, i.e., their dilapidated health condition with sometimes chronic disorders as dangerous as mouth and lung cancer, blood pressure issue, etc.

But that’s not the end.

Smoking also tames down the sex life. Yes, the life which you love or which you pretend that you love.

Here’s how the pleasure of smoking is slowly poisoning your sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction

It’s a disorder in which the penis fails to attain the persistent erection or erection firm enough to carry sexual intercourse. It is mainly caused by genital nerve damage or blockage. Several studies have demonstrated that people who love smoking are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. That’s because smoking induces waxy substance in the blood vessels. As the blood vessels constrict (including the penile region), the penis fails to receive the blood influx and couldn’t get rigid enough for penetration session.

Fallen Libido

A lot of people falsely believe that smoking is an excellent energizer. That’s a myth. With tobacco, your body gradually feels stressed and what you consider a calming effect is a symptom of possible fatigue. As it also contributes to hypertension, you feel tired and dizzy. With such a state of mind and body, you tend to lose your sex drive— the ultimate energy which enhances your sexual urge.

Low testosterone

For the time being, smoking is known to increase the testosterone level. But exposure to tobacco for an extended period eventually leads to the reduction of testosterone. Testosterone hormone is the sex hormone which regulates sex desire. It is what makes a man a man with the hairy chest, armpit, beards, and pubic area. Testosterone also plays a significant role in developing the testes and prostate, the primary reproductive organs. With its deficiency, you are likely to produce fewer sperm cells, and even if you produce the cells, the quality of the cell may reduce.

Affected reproductive tissues

Smoking also leads to hepatic metabolism of testosterone. Due to this, there’s a reduction in testosterone serum level. With serum level, an all-time low, the cells in the testicles may become impaired. The impaired testicle cells have always contributed to the bad quality and quantity of sperm cell. When I say bad quality, I mean the sperm motility and its ability to swim to the ovum.

Penis shrinkage

A lot of men don’t take it seriously because they find it too funny to associate penis size with smoking. But denial won’t change the fact. Usually, even when your penis is in the sleeping condition, the blood vessels carry blood but in a lesser amount. The same arteries carry the high intensity of blood when it gets stimulated. However, when you smoke, the blood vessels may permanently get damaged and might fail to move the blood even in the flaccid condition. The issue is common in young men who are frequent or chain smokers.

Low Stamina

Well, this is the most common problem, and a lot of smokers acknowledge it. Although smoking reduces the overall physical performance, when it comes to the sexual session, the lack of stamina can leave your partner unsatisfied. Your tiredness to handle sexual events might also push your relationship on the verge of disastrous end. For enhancing your performance and delaying your sexual urge, you will have to give or cut off the overall dose of smoking.

There are a lot of techniques to improve the sexual function; however, if you work on the methods to give up smoking, you’d most probably won’t need plans to enhance sexual performance.