I love the idea of masturbation when no one is at home, and I am a free-bird who could wank off with the open doors and extremely loud porn.

While masturbation is natural and super-healthy, I also make sure that I don’t get obsessed with it.

But have you been sneaking out “me time” from your family because you want to relieve yourself by jerking off?

And is it turning too often?Maybe you are over-masturbating, but the problem is— what’s ultimate masturbation limit?

There’s no specific gauge machine to find whether your testes have dried off; however, you’d be hit by these side-effects if you are gripping your penis too much within your palms.

All play makes the penis dull.

It’s understandable that you love playing with your penis; however, all play with it might make it go dull.

If you turn into a professional-masturbator— let’s say 2 to 3 times in a day; your penis is likely to get bored of your stimulation.

The penis is a clever chap who likes a different kind of stimulation, and over a specific time, with the over self-exploration, your penis won’t enjoy the touch.As a result, it will refuse to become hard and stay weak and lousy.

You lose control over orgasm.

The ejaculation in the body is controlled by specific nerves and stimulants which relay the message between the penis, testes, and brain.

With consistent masturbation, the odds-on developing ejaculation problem is way too common.

It’s because thorough masturbation damages the ejaculation nerves and the stimulants which may further cause premature ejaculation.

As a result, you lose control over orgasm, and there won’t be any orgasmic-harmony with your partner.Over and above that, you may be wetting your pants off while sleeping.

Your penis shrinks like a dry leaf.

Trust me; even your penis gets tired.When you wank off in and out, the tired penis starts dwindling.

It’s a big sign from your penis which, if had mouth, would say “I am done with it folk, I can’t stand masturbation anymore.”

When you beat your meat a lot, you may damage the skin around your penis which will sweep off the growth charm from it.

Your growth hormone may take a severe beating which will stop the penis from getting more significant.

Your testes hate overwork.

With frigging self-gratifying sessions, not only your penis, but testes shout out loud to stop.Your testes are the sperm factory.

Akin to any worker, they have set their rate of productivity, and it’s not right to over-demand them.

While masturbating, you push the testes for producing more sperm so that you can ejaculate and reap the orgasmic-heaven.

However, they are other workers who’d go on strike if you force them to overwork without their consent causing severe pain in the neck and the testes literally (testicular pain).

Your penis may go to long slumber.

It’s believed that masturbation may improve sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction; howbeit, few of the anecdotes prove otherwise.

It says that your penis may not obey your order, and would embarrass you when you’d be having sexual sessions.

Here’s the catch with auto-eroticism— you may permanently destroy the nerves of the penis which will fail to conduct sexual stimulants and messages across the board.More or less, it causes erectile dysfunction than it treats it.

You’d become a lazy bummer.

Semen production sucks a great deal of energy from the body, and masturbation burns a lot of calories.

As both the process demand hard work from the body, you may feel tired and fatigued by playing with your penis.

If you already have other mental issues such as work pressure, stress, or depression; masturbation may spring happiness in your life.But the situation may spin against you if you plan to over-masturbate.

Apart from tiredness, you may feel low on energy which, in a cascading effect, will worsen your mental condition.

Look. If you love masturbating, the millstone is around your neck. It’s you who’d have to discover the limit, and evaluate if it is affecting your life.