If you have been blaming your spouse for not stimulating you good enough to have a satisfactory orgasm and sex; beware, the problem may well be because of you.

The odds are high that you have impaired ejaculation where you take your commodious time in ejaculating semen.

The condition is termed as delayed ejaculation, and other than physical factors, a lot of psychological reasons lead to the same.

Here are some of the psychological conditions when you may feel the attack of delayed ejaculation.

Depressive hormones love interfering with your sexual stimulants.

If, by any means, you are depressed; you are likely to kill your sex life.

Depression is a long-known condition which leads to a decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, and lack of sexual desire.Adding more to its fortes, depression may also cause delayed ejaculation.

It’s a known fact that a depressed body triggers cortisol hormone which reaches in the circulatory system only to induce dull mood, lack of interest, deficiency of energy, etc.The same hormone interferes with the stimulants responsible for ejaculation.

As it cuts the signal between the brain and the ejaculatory organs, you may have to take time to re-establish the connection.

Performance anxiety detriments your performance.

Have you ever been to the public urinal with a long queue waiting behind you for their turn?

The pressure exerted by the people behind you may induce performance anxiety which would ultimately make it difficult for you to urinate.

That’s delayed urination.The same concept applies well to sexual performance.

If you are too anxious regarding it, you may further detriment your performance.And it may give birth to ejaculatory disorders such as delayed ejaculation.

If you really care about your performance on the bed, start with “not caring” about it.The more you think about it, the more you worsen it.

You can’t get over your poor body image.

While the modern world claims that they are soul-loving liberals, nothing could beat their pretentious love for outer beauty.Unfortunately, you may be one of its victims.

If your poor body image has induced depressive symptoms and pulled off your confidence, you may observe the change in your sexual performance.

If you are harboring a fear that your partner may dump you because of your poor body image, you may further push back your sexual desire making it really hard for you to ejaculate.

The only way you to change your condition is by loving your physical self— in and out.Giving excessive attention to your physical appearance may also introduce stress which, in a cascading effect, may aggravate the ejaculatory disorder.

Culture and religion are forever to bruise sex life.

The cultural and religious taboos don’t allow its people to explore sex because somehow “sex is a sin.”For the very reason, a lot of people don’t practice sex until they are married.

And what do they observe on the first night? Honeymoon impotence and delayed ejaculation.

For me, premarital sex is a practice game which enlightens about your strengths and weaknesses.

If culture and religion prohibit you from having sex, get a new culture (and of course the new religion) because you may go into your first night without erection and ejaculation.

When sexual fantasies don’t match with sexual sessions.

You may be one of those experts who set high sexual bars with your partner.And what if they fail to meet your expectations?You lose sexual interest because your fantasies don’t match with sexual sessions.

In such a case, it’s challenging to imagine ejaculation when you have the high potentiality of losing your erection.

If you are a porn buff, by all means, you are likely to set new sexual standards, and the standards beyond your partner reach may affect your sex life, and relationship on the whole.

Keeping achievable sexual targets, and expecting the attainable sexual goals by your partner may help you with delayed ejaculation.

Although it’s challenging to get over physical factors contributing to delayed ejaculation, it’s relatively easier to get back your ejaculatory facilities if it’s linked with psychology.

So, if your psychological problems are the main culprit behind delayed ejaculation, you’d love to give a visit to a sexologist.