As we talked about something significant in the previous section— SEX, we are going to add more spices to the subject.

It’s Valentine’s week, and we don’t want you to possess any excuses in the bedroom.

To hell with the erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders, our advice would give you the reasons for enjoying hard sex.

All you need is a pinch of micronutrients and a little love towards your partner.

The last section stressed the importance of three major micronutrients— Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E.

In the current write-up, we will discuss a few more tiny substances which hold the potency for making a giant reproductive shaft.

Let’s add some micronutrient ingredients in the lovemaking recipe so that you get endowed with the serenity of sex.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B complex is the building block of a powerful body— the body full of energy, balanced brain function, and cell metabolism.

But it doesn’t halt here.

It has so much to contribute to reviving your sex life.

The choice is yours whether you want a sluggish valentine’s night or an intimacy full of passion.

When you feed Vitamin B complex- B6 to your body, you are slowly inching towards converting your beasty sexual dreams into reality.

Studies have proved that B6 is one of the best forms of libido enhancer— the substance which inflates the sex drive in the body.

Prolactin reduces sexual desire.

B6 bridles its level and makes you enjoy a thorough sexual indulgence.

It is also a prerequisite for the production of the testosterone in the body— the sex hormone which decides the urge of having sex.

For men with the low sperm count, B6 potentiates the growth of overall cells.

It also makes way for happy hormones like Serotonin and Dopamine. So, if you want to get an energized love session— you can’t afford to miss B6.

Vitamin B6 source: Bread, Whole grain cereals, Oatmeal, Soya beans, etc


It's an essential trace element which has multitudinous benefits— from building a robust immune system to increase the sex drive in the body.

In layman’s term, you may call it the “arousal machine” which implants “the desire to have more sex” in the body.

Research has shown that Zinc deficiency stops the growth of testes— the organ which produces the sperm.

The impaired testicles lead to a lesser sperm count which ultimately affects your urge to have sex.

The deficit also influences the quality, shape, and motility (ability to swim to the ovum) of sperm cells.

Next time if you curse yourself for not having enough sex drive, blame your Zinc level.

You need an aphrodisiac in the form of Zinc for getting rid of the low sex drive and the risk of developing ED. [2]

Zinc-rich food: Seeds, Eggs, Whole Grain, Nuts, etc.


In general, omega-3 improves cardiovascular function and increase the level of good cholesterol.

But a few knowledgeable people use it to rev up their sexual life.

Well, that’s true.

You can’t enjoy sex unless you get feel-good effect while performing.

Omega-3 induces the exact feeling— the feeling which relaxes the mind and creates an environment for having bed-breaking sex.

Although there’s a little science which can prove its impact, some of the studies keep validating its effectivity. [3]

Adding it to your kitchen will have an indirect impact on your room.

Omega 3-rich food: Walnuts, Soya bean, Chia Seeds, Canola Oil, Salmon, etc.

Are you looking for something which gives you an immediate effect for healthy sex?

Adding micronutrients to the body ensures you a prolonged sex life; however, for quick action, you need standard means of medication for rifling up your shaft.

A blend of traditional medicines and healthy lifestyle will cheer-up all the coming valentine’s.