A lot has been studied on men’s boners which occur between 3 to 6 am in the morning.

While some call it a dream effect which transcends into reality, others call it a problem.

Let me burst your bubble.

Wanting to have morning sex is entirely normal because that’s when your brain is free of daytime thoughts.

Early in the morning, the body spikes up the sex hormone and the brain doesn’t release the anti-erection hormone (which it release during the day time to prevent social embarrassment).

So, when your brain wants you to have morning sex, then why not comply with it?

Your brain wants it because there are certain benefits of morning sex, and erection is the signal.

So, let’s find out why the brain presses us to have morning sex.

Writes the happy script

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” has dried out.

“Morning sex, keeps you relax” is the new slogan.

Starting the day with the morning sex writes a new script for your happiness.

As you tend to release dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin early in the morning, your body gets presented with happy hormones.

The happier you stay, the healthier you remain.

Allows the quality sex

You are in the fittest and fresh state— both physically and mentally in the morning.

With mental and physical balance, you can enjoy the best sexual experience.

Sex during other patches of time in the day might get influenced by tiredness, stress, and other thoughts.

Strengthens the relationship ties

The couples working at the two different locations suffer the heat of jealousy, insecurity, and other states of feeling throughout the day.

The morning sex facilitates the couples to strengthen their ties early in the day before they leave for their respective offices.

It also teaches trust towards each other which magnifies with each morning session.

Enhances the immune system

It may sound astonishing, but good morning sex has shown the probable impact on the immune system.

As you get kinky in the morning, the natural defense in your body gets triggered and increase the antibiotic effect against viruses, bacteria, etc. [1]

Pulls back your concentration

A sex-deprived life might snatch your ability to concentrate on work.

With the testosterone and estrogen sex hormones high in the morning, you surely need to address them and ensure that they get back to the average level.

Failing to have morning sex might distract you later in the day when you should concentrate on your professional events.

Charges your battery

The morning sex is like a charger as it charges your work battery.

It’s so rejuvenating that you feel alerted and active throughout the day.

Sex in the dawn makes sure that all your sad and stress hormones are back to the less-dominant level and you are brimmed with the energy which brings out the passion for carrying your schedule.

Sets calories on fire

What’s better than burning the calories and enjoying the physical activity at the same time?

Well, that’s the power of morning sex.

It burns more than 300 calories even before you have officially started your day.

That’s like— you stay healthier and fitter with sex.

Smoothens the blood flow

It’s one of the common problems which occur due to bad lifestyle and poor diet cycle and chart.

Morning sex is a good compensator as it is known to dilate the blood vessels in the body.

With widened blood vessels, the total blood influx is more than the affected vessels; as a result, there’s an improvement in cardiovascular condition.

With morning sex so much to offer, you can’t afford to miss the bliss of intimacy in the fresh sexual environment.

If you feel more sexually efficient at any other time of the day, let’s know about your experience.