Who doesn’t love to lay lethargically on the beach bench and sip down the coconut water?

The way the volume of fresh water is shrinking, we’d plainly see a lot of people fighting over to get this plumpy dry fruit.

And why not?

Coconut water is as sacred as water.

With all medicinal benefits it offers (especially the power to fight sexual disorders), will humans ever be able to repay the loan of it?

Well, the answer is undoubtedly no because has humankind ever spared something which benefits them?

Instead, they utilize every ounce of it and ensure that the planet has nothing left.

But, that’s the story of another blog.

Let’s just keep it to the therapeutic advantages of coconut water for erectile dysfunction.

Let’s check why coconut water will become one of the necessary pillars for fending off impotence.

It can treat penile blood inflow.

We know that decreased penile blood flow is one of the leading reasons for erectile dysfunction.

When the penis doesn’t get sufficient blood flow, it becomes too hard to become hard.

It happens when the arteries (blood vessels) of the penis shrink and don’t transmit the required amount of blood.

Coconut water comes to the rescue by treating the penile blood flow.

The water is rich in folic acid— the type of protein which leads to the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is the reputed vasodilator which inflates the small blood vessels in the penis, thereby, conducting sufficient blood for an erection.

Next time, when you take coconut water— ask your penis to get tightened as a token of thankfulness.

It balances the water level.

As erectile dysfunction is a multifactorial disease, conditions such as dehydration or lack of hydration may also contribute to the dead penis.

You may get difficulty in launching your penis if your body doesn’t have a fair amount of water in the body.

In many cases, the scarce level of water in the body reduces the blood volume and affects the psychological condition.

It results in lower blood inrush in the penis because there isn’t enough blood to flow inside.

As coconut water restores the lost electrolyte, the body retains the water level and replenishes the blood plasma level.

No, you don’t have to cut your nerves to check whether your body has regained the blood.

You just need to check the penile salute, and that’s where coconut water has done its job.

It uplifts the sexual mood.

Physiological conditions cause most of the ED-cases; however, a good 10 to 15% of cases are caused by stress and depression.

During stress, the stress hormones— cortisol— break free and swim in the body.

When the stress hormone interferes with the sex hormones— the body undergoes the dipping level of sexual desire.

Moreover, stress and depression are known to dwindle the blood vessels whose repercussions— ya, you know it very well— the diminishing level of blood influx in the penis and the ultimate cause of erectile dysfunction.

But again, you implore for help, and coconut jumps in as the perfect natural remedy for treating it.

With the magical trident of vitamins— Riboflavin [1], pathogenic acid [2], and thiamine [3]— the overall depression and stress in the body gets cut down significantly.

These vitamins subdue the impact of cortisol which automatically uplifts the mood.

The elevated psychological mood increases the sexual urge and penile erection.

Once you start sipping coconut water; trust me, you can’t stop thanking it for the wonders it does for your penis.

It boosts the testosterone level.

Your low testosterone level sometimes leads to erectile dysfunction.

As testosterone defines your sexual urge, the lower amount may take away your sexual mood.

But hold on— coconut water has a solution for it because it contains magnesium— the nutrient necessary for boosting testosterone level in the body.

With the multitudinous benefits, I’d love to talk, walk, sleep, and eat coconut.