How To Take Fildena 

While erectile dysfunction poses the primary threat to the millions of male around the globe, their lack of education and healthcare facilities regarding the use of viagra, generic viagra like Sildenafil (Fildena) or any other drug barre them from attenuating their disorders.

According to one of the surveys, the impact of medicines backfires on a significant number of the population due to the carelessness in complying with the instructions.

Rural areas are the most affected regions who somehow miss the proper guidance on using Fildena or any drug for a matter of fact.

There is a paradigm shift in acknowledging the erectile issues in these regions, but their unawareness about the proper usage of sexual stimulant drugs like Sildenafil Citrate and Fildena kills the purpose of the drug.

Since the medicines for treating erectile disorder may also have side effects, it is imperative for the respondents to comply with the instructions and maintain their dosages depending on their requirements.

Any negligence or improper use of such medicines may bring shame to the products and the companies manufacturing it.

So, if you are affected by the erectile disorder and are planning to make use of drugs such as Fildena and Sildenafil, make sure you do these things correctly:

Check and buy

 The first step towards buying Fildena is to check the medicine composition. Since there is a rise in the generic viagra manufacturing companies, each company has its own method of production and testing. Before you buy Fildena, ensure that you are darting for the right product. Get the details and a perfect alternative to viagra at Medypharma.

Reading the information leaflet

 It is compulsory to have the patient information leaflet for all the medicines. The idea is to educate the patients and promote the proper use of the medication. Once you are done with buying the product, skim over the leaflet to discover the method of using the Fildena. If you still fail to understand the correct way of using it, don’t hesitate in consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

Medical adherence

After understanding the guidance thoroughly, set the seal on the doctor’s prescription. Take your medicine as prescribed for controlling your disorder. Abiding with what your doctor has to say, you may prevent devastating side effects.

Route of administration

In accordance with the prescribed dosage and instructions, administer Fildena or Sildenafil Citrate by mouth. A lot of people prefer Sildenafil injection as the route of administration for higher bioavailability; however, it is advised at the extreme conditions.

Time of intake

Take sildenafil at least 30 minutes before you indulge in the sexual activity. The potency of it stays for 4 hours. Its effectivity is assumed to be the highest one hour before the intercourse.


It is advised to use just once in a day. Limited use of such medicines makes certain that its side adversaries don’t hit you.

Dosage quantity

The quantity of the dosage depends on the kind of treatment you deserve. Before you add Sildenafil or Fildena to your sexual arsenal, make clear about the current medical prescriptions or herbal intake with your consultant.

The use of any of the mentioned drug is not rocket science. All you have to do is unlock your hesitancy and be a little enlightened. Stay informed and enjoy the best times of your lives without entering into any complication.

Do you still hold doubts regarding the direction of usage? Don’t worry. We are happy to help you. Put your queries in the comment section and let’s educate each other.