Blood vessels are the bloodlines of life.

At the microscopic level, blood vessels carry so much more than just the blood.

Going by their functionality, you can call them nutrient vessels, oxygen vessels, mineral vessels, messenger vessels, and many other names.

They carry oxygen-rich blood to different organs. They take bad blood to heart for refinement.

They are responsible for transmitting sexual stimulators to the brain, they carry the response to the penis, and they cause an erection.

The opening and narrowing of them depends on what your body organs require.

Knowing they are such essential components of our lives, it’s imperative for us that we let them do their work properly— without subjugating them by human intervention through poor lifestyle, smoking, unhealthy diet, etc.

Let’s pledge to maintain healthy blood vessels to manage healthy sex-life and more importantly— healthy life.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Blood Vessels

A minor adjustment in lifestyle, diet, etc. could find you in fine fettle.

You’d observe a sudden elevation in your psychological, physiological, sexual, and social life.

Let’s go through them in brief.

Eat smart before you start.

A lot can be done in this segment.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, your blood vessels need nitrate-rich food such as green leafy vegetables.

Adding citrus and flavonoid fruits in your diet would meet the need for antioxidant in your body.

Antioxidants reduce the blood pressure and soften the stiffness of arteries. As a result, blood flow gets improved.

Healthy fats like avocado, seeds, nuts and plant-based oils like sunflower and olive oil increase the blood vessel resilience and elasticity.

What it means for sex life: The resilient and elastic blood walls of arteries have a positive impact on erection. The turgidity and flaccidity of the penis becomes smooth which empower you to have mind-blowing lovemaking.

Stay calm and release firebomb.

Stress hampers your professional and personal life at the same time.

Most of the men possess the wrong notion that sex comes naturally into everyone. No, that’s not true.

Good sex demands psychological alignment with your physical motion during sex.

Daily stress and psychological stress weaken the resilience of blood vessels making it difficult for you to have mind-boggling sex.

Moreover, you are vulnerable to cardiovascular issues which bring in critical events like heart stroke.

Resort to something which brings peace to your mental storm. For some, journaling works the best, and for some learning new musical instruments.

Whatever you do— you should look forward to minimizing stress on the walls of the blood vessels.

What it means for sex life: A peaceful mind frame allows you to concentrate better on the sexual cycle. In such an environment, your brain unobstructedly responds to the sexual stimulation and your penis engineers an erection on command by releasing firebombs.

Break a sweat to taste sweeter.

When you overheat your body, you sweat.

Sweating permits a larger amount of blood flow in the skin.

Also, your muscles need more oxygen.

As a result, the heart draws more oxygen from the blood and improve the blood flow in the body.

To be precise, when you are exercising rhythmically, you are building a rhythmic heart-rate, circulation rate, and breathing cycle.

What it means for sex life: With enhanced circulation system, the blood moves in and out of the penis rhythmically without disturbing the normal course. With a little sweat on the road, you can taste sweeter to your partner and derive massive pleasure in conducting successful sex.

So, how healthy are your blood vessels? There’s a saying “A man is old as his arteries.” So, are you doing enough to increase age longevity of your blood carriers?