How To Improve Your Sexual Drive (Libido)

I am a great follower of Indian cinema. While I was watching one of the latest cults “Andhadhun,” I came across the word “Aphrodisiac” when the veteran actor Tabu calls crab (during cooking) an aphrodisiac while seducing her sexagenarian husband.

I immediately switched to google for searching its meaning, and it said— the love drug or substance which increases the libido. I clicked on the hyperlink to check what libido is, and then I finally found that its the sex drive which pushes someone to indulge in the sexual activities.

On more in-depth research, I discovered that the ancient people used aphrodisiac substances to please the ancient Greek goddess— Aphrodite— the god of love, pleasure, and reproduction. It was not an easy task at all. They had to try and assess everything they had, and it took centuries of efforts to conclude.

Nevertheless, you can appease the Greek goddess using your own set of hit and trials, by your strength, and by your efforts. I am going to make your task easier by giving you some of the tips which you may apply in your life for testing your sex drive or libido. Let’s unearth

There’s no particular sex drive: The first way to boost-up your libido is by trusting the fact that there’s no specific or standard sex drive for either male or female or a particular individual. What may work for you may backfire for someone else.

Get over the psychological factors: Psychological causes like depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem dip your libido. Instead of searching your libido in natural aphrodisiacs, try to focus on balancing the psychological, sexual, and emotional factors.

Use lubricants for painless sex: The fear of painful sex can lower down the sex drive Lubricants help in overpowering the pain and rising the sexual endurance.

Check for the iron: Low iron content disturbs the oxygen distribution in the body which, in turn, negatively affects the sex drive and mood. You need to add iron-rich material in your body which includes green leafy vegetable or beet.

Get over inactive thyroid hormone (Hypothyroidism): Human cells need thyroid hormone for metabolism. Sluggish thyroid hormones level down the speed of metabolism. It later affects the rate of reproductive hormones, leading to low sex drive. Treat hypothyroidism for treating libido.

Don’t ignore high-level insulin: Certain studies indicate that the degree of sugar affects the level of testosterone in the body. The deficiency in testosterone automatically causes libido Append chromium-rich supplements (broccoli, whole-grain, and milk products) to subordinate the impact of high insulin.

Bring hormonal imbalance to its place: The differing levels of testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen may impart wild mood swings diverting your mind entirely off from the sexual activities. Again, green vegetables like spinach are your detox warrior.

Address impotence: Your impotence may be the main reason behind your depression and low-level sex drive. Impotence and libido are mutually interlinked. Erectile dysfunction may cause a dip in libido, and low libido may cause erectile dysfunction. Once you tame one of the twos, the latter would follow. Adding medical treatments into your sex weaponry might push your libido standards to the next degree. Buy sildenafil 100 mg to answer your impotence directly and address your libido

Sex drive and erectile issues have multifactorial reasons, and it’s extremely tough to say what’s between you and your sensuality. However, affixing mineral-rich diet and medical supplements like Sildenafil could open the flap of the obstructed tube.

What do you do to enhance your sex drive? Does something specifically turn you? Update us about your personal experience.