How To Get Over Negative Thoughts Relating to Bad Sexual Life

Bad sexual life is a curse— especially when ill-informed people who treat you with contempt surround you.

When they laugh to scorn, you only have two options—

Make them understand the science of sex

Turn a deaf ear to what they say

But some people choose the third option, the dangerous and the expected one— to bear negative thoughts regarding their sexual life.

Negative thoughts lead them stressed or depressed producing anger, frustration, and anxiety in their minds.

The stigma hovering over the sexual incompetence has propelled more than 440 people to suicide [1] in India alone in 2015.

As the line of thinking has turned negative and ugly— as ugly as suicidal, it’s the responsibility of the society to take issues like erectile dysfunction and sexual disorders sportingly.

Knowing society may not advance with the full-proof support, you have to fight your own battle— the battle to live a happy and healthy life.

It’s not easy to get over the negative thoughts, but it’s not impossible.

Let’s run our eyes through some of the techniques to topple the effects of negative thoughts:

Try to stay frank and candid

This is the initiating point. You can’t move forward unless you start.

Be frank in sharing sexual issues and accompanying disorders with your partner and doctor.

The candid culture between you, your partner, and the doctor might reveal and resolve the underlying issues.

Your honesty will help you in coping with the depression and any related negative thoughts.

If you still feel uncomfortable, you can opt for talk therapies.

Trained medical health professionals conduct these therapies to talk out and resolving the issues.

Explore your worthiness

Life will be much simpler once you acknowledge the quote “Not everyone’s good at everything.”

Your inability to do sex is purely due to medical reasons.

You might be an underperformer on the bed, but you must be a gem in some other area— be it sports or literature.

Life is not just about sexual abilities. There’s so much more to it.

You can be a musician, a poet, a traveler, a blogger, a programmer, or a sex educator— whatever your competency is— take immense delight and dignity for having it.

Exploring your worthiness in different areas and taking pride in them would surely make you feel less depressed and make you free of negative thoughts.

Modulating your lifestyle

Stress is not just a feeling.

There’s entire biochemical process happening in the background.

When the amount of Cortisol hormone— the culprit behind the stress— is high, you should find out ways to lower its level.

Making minor adjustments in your lifestyle including diet and sleep cycle might help you to get the grip over the negative issues.

Green tea, dark chocolates, soluble fibers, etc. will do the favor to your manner of living by balancing the cortisol level.

Aerobic exercises reduce the stress level by assisting endorphins— the happy hormone to grow.

Recourse to the medical treatments

If you want to silence your critics once and for all, press medical treatments into the service.

Specific medicines like Sildenafil Tablet and generic Viagra settle the issues associated with erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil relaxes the muscles and manufactures space for the blood vessels to widen.

As it dilates the blood vessels, the blood inrush in the penis advances causing a prolonged erection.

Turning to such chemical substances definitely improves your sexual life, freeing you off from the comorbid anxiety and depression.

Whether you have low self-esteem or high anxiety, the baton of life is in your hand.

You can’t get rid of the negative thoughts unless you have strong will to eradicate it.