I love kids, especially for their abilities to focus.

Whatever they do, they do with the entire brain and heart into it— whether if it’s for playing or wailing siren.

Their surplus advantage— they don’t get mentally drained in a few minutes.

But adults have a train of thoughts in their minds which not only hamper their professional life but also their positions like sexual life.

They don’t give their brain enough space to think about sex because they are too consumed in thinking about a lot of stuff.

How difficult is it for men to acknowledge that sex needs a thought-proof mental state?

Men need to focus on sex— as psychological stability contributes to seamless sex without bumps.

Here are the psychological reasons for why you are not having enough sex with your partner.

You are too consumed in your own world.

Most of the relationships suffer a massive setback when one or both the partners start building their worlds.

When you do so, you become indifferent to your partner’s emotions.

You are too consumed in your schedule to stay considerate towards your partner.

The sexual engagement with your partner is the last priority, and you are happy in your walled garden.

As you start building walls against your partner, you are more likely to think about everything other than sex— and your sex life dies a steady death.

How to deal: It’s a challenging situation when your world divides with your partner. An ideal couple looks for a united world rather than the divided one. If bad sex life doesn’t bother you or your partner, and you are fine with the scenario, go with the flow. If it really bothers you— talk out your issues and make a mature decision which puts both the parties in a win-win situation.

You lack interest

A fair bunch of men faces ED as the relationship ages.

A good amount of them doesn’t find sex as fulfilling as they wish.

The over-familiarity of your partner, less concern about the relationship, etc. usher you away from the sexual desires.

When your brain has explored all the sensual areas and tried different positions, it goes into the power-saving mode— the mode where you don’t get aroused or have no effect of sexual stimulation.

In layman’s term, your brain gets used to all the methods of sexual indulgence, and it only excites when you feed something new.

How to deal: You may have explored many love making possibilities, but you can always try a new way or maybe discover your position. You need to add spices in your stale sex life. Adding couple pornographies, roleplay, or shifting to a different room for sex could change your sexual desire and give your brain a new bait of excitement.

You think a lot about infidelity.

As some people try to find sexual satisfaction outside their houses due to their inactive or dead relationships, they develop a different set of emotions.

Some may carry guilt while others may become dominantly inconsiderate towards their partner.

Some fright surprise scrutiny from the partner while others have mixed emotions.

If you are serving multiple thoughts to your brain, you are well within the bounds of ED possibilities.

How to deal: The only way is to talk plain horse sense with your partner. Unless you spill the beans, your brain gets preoccupied with all kind of emotions. It setbacks your sexual drive and will continue to haunt you till eternity.

Since childhood, I’ve been wondering about a question— “does a brain have a brain?”

The way the brain works efficiently, the way it invites the new methods for lovemaking, I certainly think it does.