With the official announcement of generic-vardenafil, the men who have erectile dysfunction has got a go-to medicine at much cheaper rates.

It’s evident that with the ease of availability, a lot of men who shy away from reporting their disease will pop-up and declare their issues without bearing any shame.

Hence, we must clear all your doubts regarding the generic-vardenafil so that you take calculated steps without harming your body.Let’s read out some of the frequently asked questions and the answers related to it.

Q 1. Does generic-vardenafil work same as Levitra?

A 1. As far as medical potency is concerned, yes, generic-vardenafil works the same as Levitra. Levitra was the first brand which brought vardenafil to the medicinal arena for alleviating erectile dysfunction in men. The medical competence of generic-vardenafil is similar to Levitra as long as the drug is not a duplicate product. There is a saying “not all drugs are same.” It stands true for the generic Levitra and Levitra. Although generic manufacturers try their best to yield the bioequivalent drugs— the same drugs having the same effect— the accuracy of the medicine depends on the intention, precision of the machines, and testing of the medication done by the manufacturers and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you want your generic-Levitra to work with a similar force, make sure that you are buying your medicines from the licensed dealers and manufacturers.

Q 2. Is generic Levitra better than generic Viagra?

A 2. It’s possible that what suits your body may not suit some other respondent. Although both the drugs are highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction in more than 70% of the patients, it is possible that Levitra may be a perfect fit for your body type. To decide what suits your body, you should try all the ED-medicines before fixing the one but ensure that you try all of them under the supervision of your doctor and maintain space between each dosage. When it comes to the onset time of the drug— both generic Levitra and generic Viagra show their consequences in about 30 minutes after the oral route of administration. The impact of both drugs lasts for 4 to 6 hours. It means that generic vardenafil and generic sildenafil have similar implications; however, your choice should ultimately be based on the lesser side-adversaries of the two.

Q 3. How much dose for a beginner?

A 3. If you have newly discovered erectile dysfunction, you should start with the beginner’s dose. For generic-vardenafil, the beginner course begins with 10 mg dose in a healthy ED body which doesn’t have any other diseases; however, you should ensure that your daily dosage doesn’t exceed one time. You can use 10 mg generic-Levitra for daily dosage medication if you love frequent sex. You should consider essential things such as 24 hours gap between two doses. Your initial treatment can make way for mild to severe headache and nausea, and if your body can’t adjust to the dose-concentration, consult your doctor regarding the same.

Q 4. Can I split the generic-Levitra pill?

A 4. Yes, you can surely split or break your generic-Levitra pill in two halves. If 10mg doesn’t suit your body, you can divide it and consume lower the volume of the drug; however, make sure that you store the other half in the cold storage where it has nothing to do with moisture, direct sunlight, water, etc. Furthermore, do let your doctor know about it because it’s possible that your doctor might diminish your dosage level depending on how your body reacts to the drug.

Q 5. Can generic-Vardenafil cure impotence permanently?

A 5. If you want a permanent solution to your impotence, you are resorting to the wrong method of treatment. You shall look forward to other medications such as penile transplantation. Generic-vardenafil only offers you a temporary reward to your penis; for the longer run, you will have to eradicate other diseases such as diabetes or obesity to let go of your ED permanently.