There’s a deep confusion whether generic Avanafil exists or not.

The good news is— yes, akin to generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra; the generic-equivalence of Stendra has got a “positive nod” from the authorities.

The cost of 100mg Stendra is around 4000 $ for 30 tablets whereas the generic-copy of the drug is available in less than 3$ a piece for the same drug.

It’s understandable the level of excitement which it has generated among the people who have erectile dysfunction.So, let’s unravel some of the frequently asked questions relating to generic-avanafil.

Q 1. How same is generic-avanafil to Stendra-avanafil?

A 1. From the medicinal point of view, all the manufacturers strive to create the bioequivalent drugs— the property which decides whether the drug is same as that of its parent medicine and has the same impact on the patients. Generic-avanafil aims to cover the areas of the world who can’t afford highly expensive Stendra-avanafil. As all the generic drugs are meant to perform same as the original drug, it’s possible that the drug may have different properties— depending on the precision of the machine and the intention of the drug makers. In an ideal condition, generic avanafil works pretty similar to Stendra by inhibiting PDE5 enzymes to create a firm erection. If you further want to know about the authenticity of the drug, you should check the list of the medically approved drug by the Food and Drug Administration.

Q 2. Does insurance cover generic-avanafil?

A 2. It’s sad to say no because even avanafil-based Stendra is not covered by insurance. As far as our understanding is concerned, most medicare's and insurance plans back off for covering erectile dysfunction drugs. The same behavior goes with other drugs like generic-Viagra or generic-Cialis where a lot of insurance companies don’t take an interest in covering it. So, before you go on to get the claims, or signing a new application, evaluate the health plan's prescription drug coverage to confirm whether they cover the drug.

Q 3. Do generic-avanafil work better than generic-Viagra?

A 3. Well, there’s no definite answer regarding what’s the perfect match because perfect match comes out of hit and trial. If you are willing to find your ideal match, you shall look forward to taking all the medicines (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, etc.) and assessing what suitable for you. A lot of factors affect the onset of the drug. If you take generic Viagra with fatty acid or alcohol, you are likely to encounter delayed start whereas generic-avanafil has lesser to no effect of the fatty meal.

Furthermore, the action of both the drug stays from 4 to 6 hours. Your ideal choice should be based on the number of side-effects caused by all the drugs. You’d only get to know about it after you administer it because not all body is equally designed to respond to the drugs equally.

Q 4. Can I mix generic Stendra with generic Cialis?

A 4. You can mix whatever you want, but your question should be— will it have an affirming effect on your body? I am sorry to say, but the amalgamation of multiple-ED drugs will have an alarming impact by overdosing your body. The multiple-ED medicines may interact with each other to potentiate hypotensive traits where you may feel dizzy or fatigued.

Q 5. Should I administer generic-avanafil through intravenous route?

A 5. Before taking any medicine, the onus is on you to measure what side-effects it causes against the good it does to your body. If injecting generic-avanafil does good to your body without pointing significant threat, then why not? However, most of the ED-drugs get prescribed through oral means. By entering the generic-Stendra through intravenous route, you lay yourself bare to the threat of overexposure to the drug which may cause dangerous side-adversaries like vision or audibility loss. It may also cause persistent erection which may last even after 6 hours and damage your penis permanently.