How good would a drawing look without an outline?

Well, that’s your body without the eyelashes.

As eyelashes add the final aesthetic to the body, their fall out creates a lot of buzzes.

A lot of women who use eye cosmetics are concerned about the safety of their eyelashes.

While their concern is understandable, they can’t do much about it considering their knowledge about eye care is very limited.

In the given section, I shall uncover day to day issues related to the eyelashes and their solutions in the form of questions and answers.

Question: Is it okay if I sleep with mascara?

Answer: It’s absolutely okay to sleep with mascara as long as eyelashes fall out is not a problem for you. If you really love your eyelashes, there’s no other option than to put it off. Mascara is a chemical which sits well on the lashes and dries up. The longer you allow it to stay on the lashes, the higher you have chances of lashes dryness, brittleness, etc.

Yes, it’s one of those last activities which make 5 minutes feel like 30 minutes, but you have no choice other than to get rid of it. Yes, you’d want to wake up next morning to look beautiful, but as mascara is coating-ladened, it adds on the weight on your eyelid. Just think of a 70 kg man carrying an additional load of 25 kgs on his back. How long could he walk? Similarly, you need to mute down the mascara-pressure exerted on the eyelid as it may start shedding lashes.

Question: Shall I rub my eyes when I feel itchy?

Answer: First of all, try to find out the reason behind the itchy eyes. If it’s continuously troubling you, you need to confer with the doctor immediately. Sometimes, wearing mascara, eyeliners, kohl, makeup, etc. irritate your eyelid which springs up the itchiness and inflammatory sensation.

With worldly pleasure in itching, who wouldn’t want to rub the eyes? But you need to place safety above joy because severe rubbing could again snatch out your lashes. For keeping them safe, the best practice is to avoid skin contact (fingers, palms, shoulders, etc.). Instead, make a habit of using a cotton swab or makeup wipes. Place them on your eyes for a few minutes and let them absorb the chemical from the lashes. Positioning sliced cucumber above the eye-region is another excellent and trusted practice to reduce the tingling sensation.

These practices will dissolve the compound much faster than your finger and more importantly, they will do it without having you to scratch it.

Question: What’s better— waterproof mascara or general mascara for my lashes?

Answer: Honestly, by looking at the microscopic level, any additional weight on your eyelid has its repercussion on the eyelashes. But having to choose between the two, I’d suggest the traditional mascara. With eyes generating mucous or tears, mascara might fade off— which is unknowingly healthy for your lashes. With waterproof mascara, your mascara is to stay as long as you don’t personally jump in to clean it off. As a result, your lashes are prone to the appended burden which enhance the lashes fall out.

Moreover, waterproof mascara is hard to wipe off. Yes, you do have the benefit of not applying it repeatedly with the waterproof quality; however, the product compensates when you have to register pressure for rinsing the substance. For removing the waterproof mascara, dip the cotton ball in olive oil and apply against the eyewalls. Make a habit of using them once in a while but don’t become excessively considerate towards them— they are not good friends to your eyelashes as they furnish dryness, brittleness, and susceptibility to breakage.

A slight change in eye care habit and sharp acumen for handling them could help you enjoy beauty without any loss.