Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Treatment, and Medication

What would you do if God snatches your baby making abilities?

Well, God does take away the power of baby making from the strongest of the men who take pride in their masculinity.

He does that in two ways:

  1. Sending the penis to a long slumber (Erectile dysfunction)
  2. Lowering the testosterone level

In the Erectile dysfunction, he stops the penis from getting erect.

You, of course, can’t do sex with a soft-mushy penis, can you?

If your baby-producing shaft is unable to stand tall and salute your partner, you will have a miserable sex life.


Three things contribute to the penile erection.

  1. The blood influx in the penis
  2. The stimulated nerves which cause erection
  3. High testosterone level

But God has his plans, and magically does everything.

He causes erectile dysfunction either by stopping the blood flow in the penis or damaging the nerve in the penile area or by reducing testosterone level.

To do so, he gifts diseases which lead to erectile dysfunction.

Neuropathy (nerve damage)

Diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer may cause neuropathy (a disorder which damages the nerve in the genital area).

As the stimulant nerves are damaged, the bridge between the brain and the penis is lost accompanying erectile dysfunction.


Your penis needs a required volume of blood flow.

Vaso Contracting diseases like hypertension narrow down the width of the blood vessel.

And lack of blood inrush gives your penis a hard time to stand tall.

Low testosterone level

When nothing works, God gives you hormonal disorders like low thyroid index— hypothyroidism.

The low level of thyroid weakens the body metabolism.

Bad metabolism affects your sex hormones giving birth to low sex drive.

Low sex drive would make you and your penis feel gloomy and tired causing erectile dysfunction.

If God has so many ways to stop you from having sex, it must be an irreversible event.


If you still believe it’s the final call of the God, you are mistaken.

Science answers a befitting reply for erectile treatment.

Medical science works on a simple model— when you know the cause, find ways to neutralize it. Get hold of the causes, get hold of the disorder.

So, here’s how science and research undo everything done by the God.


Diet for vessel dilation

As we know that vasoconstriction provokes ED, we should look forward to adding foods which dilate the blood vessels.

Antioxidants substances like leafy vegetables, dark chocolates, beet; arginine-rich content like watermelon, chicken, soybean; and Citrullus full entities like bitter apple, citron, etc. enhance the blood flow in the penis.

Exercises for neuropathy

When your genital nerves are damaged, you may feel pain, numbness, and tingling effect on the penis.

But exercises are the best medicines.

Appending regular exercises to your curriculum may tone down the impact of neuropathy on your penis.

Exercises also improve the chronic severity of diabetes marshaling better erection.

Medical therapies for low testosterone

You may have to induct synthetic hormone through pills.

Hormonal replacement therapies and assisted reproduction can help you in attaining the better magnitude of testosterone.

With its rise, your sex drive will be good enough to create an erection.

Getting pertinent to the erection pills

As other methods may take patience and time, you might not get an erection at your desired time.

For the desired and quick result, you should get pertinent with erection pills like generic Viagra and generic Cialis.

Their prolonged effects make them the most standard treatment today.

The particular treatment needs a doctor’s prescription.

So, the best way to get over any disease is to crack the cause and fill it with the treatment.

For erectile dysfunction, there are natural and medicinal treating ways.

It really depends on what you want to choose, and how quickly you want.

We recommend our readers to maintain the balance between the natural and standard way of medication because that’s when their needs will be served, more efficiently.