Does Your Vagina Burn During Sex?

Have you missing concern in having sex because your vagina burns? You're not alone. The situation, known as vulvodynia or vestibulodynia, affects about 16 percent of women, and some researchers debatable that number may be even higher.

With vulvodynia, you have ventilate or burning pain in the vulvar area. It has no explicit cause such as cancer, infection, herpes, spinal nerve shrinkage or other neurologic disarray. You may be so uncomfortable that location for a long time or having sex is impossible.

Vulvodynia affects women of all ages. However, symptoms are most common in women ages 18 to 25 and postmenopausal women. Apcalis oral Jelly was once imagination to mainly affect Caucasian women. Recent studies, however, have found that African American and Hispanic women are identically likely to have the situation.


The main symptoms of vulvodynia include:

  • soreness
  • burning
  • stinging
  • rawness
  • throbbing
  • itching
  • aching
  • stabbing

Pain may be continuous or occasional. Most commonly it is called "provoked vulvodynia," and the provocation is reciprocal relation. Penegra 100mg  can last for months or years. You may undergo pain in in your entire go through area (generalized) or in a certain area, such as the doorway of your vagina.

Typically, your vulva looks normal, though vulvar tissue may look slightly swollen or inflamed.


It's unknown what causes vulvodynia. Some contributing factors may incorporate:

  • past vaginal contamination such as yeast infections
  • hormonal changes (the birth control pill, onset of menopause)
  • sexual abuse Fact
  • sensitive skin
  • allergies
  • irritation or damage of the nerves around the vulvar area
  • weakness or spasms of the muscles that basement the pelvic organs
  • genetic factors
  • previous surgery or laser treatments to the outward areas of the vagina

Treatments and remedies

Proper treatment need the truthful diagnosis. A professional who deals in women's gynecologic care or sexual health is a good choice. Many women have been treated for a broad quality of situation before Megalis 10mg correct diagnosis is made.

No Dealing works for everyone, and you may need to combine Dealing for relief. Some options include:


Anticonvulsants, steroids or tricyclic antidepressants may commute chronic pain. Addressing hormone changes can be remunerative. Antihistamines may commute itching. Lidocaine ointment can manage provisional symptom relief, too.

Cold compresses

Put them overtly on your external genital area. The cool temps may help commute itching and pain.

Proper clothing

That means prevention nylon underwear and tight-fitting pantyhose. Tight clothing restricts airflow to your origination area. And that often creates moisture, which can cause chagrin.


You may have tension in your pelvic floor muscles. Learning and enforce exercises to help alleviate those muscles can help relieve pain.


Rely on the type of vulvodynia you have, you may qualify for surgery to displace the affected tissue and skin.